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Do you agree that when the child is woman womb she should take care of her and child inside?that is responsible decision right? and the woman is socially, morally or legally obliged to protect the child instead of aborting it? So why should she not take care of the child when the child is born & needs the mother care. Is he not dependent on mother for nourishment and mother thinks that she socially, morally responsible for the childs welfare in absence of father then? Why should she not get child support and wife support(till specific time/or when she is employed) . Here there is denial of even child support.

If it is crime for man to pay hefty amount after separation, it is also misery/insecurity for woman+child after separation.

Here adultery can be proved and it is not merely assumption. What if it is not a different story but true story.

Even today divorced woman with child does not get remarried. There are very few exception but majority do not get married and remain single all their life with so many challenges and it is very true. Why should you assume all women r alike.

what if the child does not wish to be with father and father does not want child’s custody. should he child be with mother or abandoned just because mother cannot look after. who will protect the child?

Do you think jobs are easily available. Then y so many qualified people are unemployed??

So your answer is YES for a divorced woman with child who is not feminist but has filed genuine cases against injustice and opted for separation from husband with crores worth of property?

What if man is not committed but his wife is?is the divorce only solution? Then Who should get the child custody?