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Do you agree that when the child is woman womb she should take care of her and child inside?that is responsible decision right?

That is for 9 months and even companies give maternity leave for that. There is no need for a mother to resign for it and then use it as an excuse to file alimony/maintenance [read extortion] charges.

and the woman is socially, morally or legally obliged to protect the child instead of aborting it?

This is not a debate on abortion. Does protection mean resigning from one’s job? All companies and organisations provide maternity leave. It is a crime if a company does not give it

So why should she not take care of the child when the child is born & needs the mother care. Is he not dependent on mother for nourishment and mother thinks that she socially, morally responsible for the childs welfare in absence of father then?

Who says the mother should not take care of the child? But taking care is different from resigning from the job. By the way, all companies provide maternity leave and it usually gets extended a little beyond the date of delivery. Western societies provide for paternity leave too where the father also takes care of the child. Nobody resigns. Don’t use child-birth as an excuse for your extortion demands.

Why should she not get child support and wife support(till specific time/or when she is employed) . Here there is denial of even child support.

Nobody is denying child support. But you are using child support as an excuse for getting maintenance for yourself! Give child custody to the man of the house and let him take care. It makes better sense because you are FREE from the worries of taking care of your child. It would be the duty of the man to provide child support and also take care of the kid.

If it is crime for man to pay hefty amount after separation, it is also misery/insecurity for woman+child after separation.

I wish it was a crime for a man to pay alimony to women, but unfortunately, our laws make it perfectly legal. Infact, our laws have legalised extortion by women in the garb of child support and other such nonsense. Why should it be misery/insecurity for the woman? Is anybody stopping the woman from taking up a job? Societies in the past used to prevent women from taking up a job and alimony was justified then. But now, women get reservation and preference in jobs. Then, why expect man to pay alimony? Women have to take up jobs and fend for themselves. They should not use child-birth as an excuse for extorting money.

Also, let the woman give child custody to the man so that he can financially support the child. What prevents you from that? Give child custody to the man instead of demanding alimony.

Here adultery can be proved and it is not merely assumption.

Show me the proof then.

What if it is not a different story but true story.

What if it is a fabricated story? What if the lady in question has an extra-marital affair and when the family opposes it, she resorts to this defaming campaign by weaving false stories of adultery?

Even today divorced woman with child does not get remarried. There are very few exception but majority do not get married and remain single all their life with so many challenges and it is very true. Why should you assume all women r alike.

Divorce has become a business now. There is a new term for the modern women who are on a divorce spree. They are called CAREER DIVORCEES. A career divorcee is one who traps men into marriages and then after sometime, files for a divorce with hefty alimony, maintenance and property claims. They have made divorce a career option. Afterall, it is easy money and the best way to gain property. Your reference to divorced women not finding it easy to get remarried is related to traditional societies. I would agree with you if this was the 1970s. After the 1980s, things have changed and westernisation has set in. The very fact that many women walk around in revealing clothes these days shows the extent of change in our society.