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what if the child does not wish to be with father and father does not want child’s custody. should he child be with mother or abandoned just because mother cannot look after. who will protect the child?

I am referring to cases in general where the child is not having any preference nor does the father mind taking custody of the child. Each case is different and that is the reason why there are courts and judges to decide on case-to-case basic. But my point is with regard to women demanding alimony/maintenance using child support as an excuse.

Do you think jobs are easily available. Then y so many qualified people are unemployed??

There are reservations for women everywhere. There are certain social obligations that all companies and institutions try to fulfill so that they can claim to be pro-women. It is much easier for a woman to find a job in today’s feminist society where women’s rights have gone through the roof!!!

So your answer is YES for a divorced woman with child who is not feminist but has filed genuine cases against injustice and opted for separation from husband with crores worth of property?

Don’t twist my statements. You asked me whether I had any problems marrying a divorces woman with a child and I gave you my answer. I never said anything about property and alimony. You are putting words into my mouth.

What if man is not committed but his wife is?is the divorce only solution? Then Who should get the child custody?

There has to be equality of laws with regard to child-custody or alimony or property. If a woman is entitled to alimony and maintenance, the man should also be entitled to alimony and maintenance from the woman.