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what is your advice to this SPECIFIC case of Ms. Gulati, assuming what she is say is true? and father/husband neglected/abandoned the child/wife.

you are wrong with raise in population employment problem has still aggreviated and not only divorced woman but also young unmarried people find it difficult to get job. not all the company have woman favouring hr policy.

litracy rate has increase and also competition.

do you consider man fool and woman too intelligent to trap man and have childrens to extort money? is it not concious decision of husband and wife to have a child? Institution of marriage has lost its significance in modern times.

laws have been formed based of prevailing situation in our country and to maintenance of law and order. time and again it is amended accordingly. criminal punished will not favour law which say he should be punished. there will criticism and favourism.

if you say this is not a prevailing situation (majority) then prove it?