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If a Women think marriage is HOLY and Institution of marriage as you say, she will never leave her husband.

Both promise at the time of wedding both will be together in “pain and pleasure”

but for todays women,she says to her husband, take your pain to you give me pleasure only.

thats the significance of marriage in modern times.

before we think about man abondon his wife, we have to think why he Abandoned her.

if he has not taken any money from her or demanded then there is no question of making money.

he left her, coz she will not leave him but harass him, and if he is togather he will die half age.

may be she is not giving him marital happiness

she is doing her responsibility

she is grumbling and murmuring whole day without reason.

she fights.

she is not cooking or cleaning which todays most women call it Slavery (assuming she is house wife)

she is working still think that husband has to pay all her bills.

she harass him

she give threats of filling false cases.

she has Affair or had Affair

she told lie at the time of wedding about her

she hide her past

she cheated

bla bla.

there should be some reason to leave. coz no man will run away from his marriage; unless force him to do.