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woman is socially, morally or legally obliged to protect the child in the womb(child support) instead of aborting it .

This debate is NOT about abortion. We are discussing about child custody and the evil of alimony.

father is also socially morally and legally obliged to give a child support which he is not giving. what she should do???????

What else can the father do when there is misuse of child support by the lady? No father is against child support. But every father should be against its misuse.

so she should give the child custody to father who can give the child support and walk away move on and marry some one else. she is nothing to do with the childs once it is out of the womb??.

Child custody does not mean the mother cannot visit her child. She gets visitation rights. It also allows her to be free from the burden of taking care of the child which enables her to find a job and earn. Besides she can look for a remarriage. Anything wrong in it? Is it wrong for a divorced woman to remarry? Is it a crime for a woman to earn?