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He dont want to pay, he want to look after the child.

Why law is not giving child to him.

-can u prove u can look after better than ur wife?

Its all about gender equality. Its not about who looks after better or who does not. Gender equality implies that both men and women are equally capable of everything. Period

coz there is no guarantee that women will spend that money on child.

-can you guarantee you will spend 100% money on the child and take good care of child??

It is the man’s money. He earns it and it is his privilege how he spends it. If a man has custody of the child and the wife is made to give child support, then the wife has every reason to ask where her money is going or is the husband spending money on himself. In this case, the husband has custody and it is his money. Nobody can spend all money on the child because the husband also needs to upkeep, his food etc. But then, it is HIS money; not HERS.


1st 5 year let it be with mother and mother will pay all, then another 5 years with Father and father will take care.

when child is wise enough and grownup he/she will decide whom to honor.

let it be 50/50 .

– will the child detach himself from mother to come to you? taking the child by force is good for child and mother??can you divide the child 50/50. is it right?

Equality of gender simply means equality in child custody rights too. Most cases, the father ends up being the ATM machine and mother brainwashes the kid into believing that the father is the monster. Is that fair? Our society needs to grow and think of husbands are more than sperm donors and ATM machines.