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Mr say men should be given the custody of child….what about the men who are living with mistress…what would be the impact to the children of these parents…

You cannot say something in the air and get yourself alimony and maintenance in the name of the child. You have to prove the allegation. Moreover, this is the era of equality and hence custody of a child cannot be given to women alone. It has to be shared between husband and wife.

i did not left my matrimonial home but thrown out of the house with child by husband mistress in a conspiracy….What could i do it….my parents supported me and my daughter…You believe or nor …this i don’t care it…

These are the same sob stories that we get to hear in false 498A and Dv cases. Allegations don’t mean anything. It needs to be proved

you are a men so u would take side of such people .(THIS IS NOT AN OLD STORY)…..I have faced it…

This is the feminist era and all men are demonised. Just because I am a man does not mean I support the misdeeds of other men. But since I am very much aware of the horrendous problems which many husbands are facing, I would say that this is a cock and bull story. However, I haven’t concluded. You need to prove.

its true men are treated as Atm machines by most of their wives…this saying is built by men…

Sayings don’t come from nowhere. We men are experiencing it. Experience speaks louder than words. It has greater impact. STOP TREATING MEN AS ATM MACHINES.

What about mothers who ask money from their sons and sisters who ask money from their brothers..than also you would say men are not atm machines ….

As I said, men are treated as ATM machines by the society. Society includes everybody – mother, father, sister, govt. That is the reason why govt takes men and relaxes women. Because govt also treats men as ATM machines!!!!

Why most of the men marry if they are having intimacy with someone else …even i would say if any of the spouse is having such rellationship should be severly punished

You should ask those men who have intimacy with some other women. Not me. I need to tell you that if a woman has an extra-marital affair, the laws do not permit prosecution. Section 497 is anti-male and protects bitchy women. Where is the equality?