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Many say …alimony or maintenance should be discarded for educated or capable women ..ok ..just pray for it that it should banned…than what …what would be the punishment of such men even for women also…

becoz money is more important to be for their mistress not for their child….

You need to separate out the issue of alimony or maintenance and the allegation of adultery. They are two different things. First of all, when a woman commits adultery, the laws are silent about it. No laws permit the prosecution of women living in adultery. So men alone are being prosecuted for adultery. Is this fair? The law has to be equal for everybody. There needs separate laws for dealing with adultery. That is the solution according to me.

If all women are prostitute..what about men….why do they go to these protitutes…they want to enjoy sex without money…how could it be possible….if women spread legs..than these son of the bitches also enjoyed these spread legs….they r not satisfied with one pair of spread leg…but want variety of spread legs…they don’t see faces…(unka to man kare woh apni maa par bhi chad jaye) I thin k it would be a better idea…free mein hoga..

There is a wrong notion in all societies, especially, in the Indian society about prostitutes. All societies, especially, the Indian society has wrong notions about sex. It has suppressed sex to a great extent leading to all kinds of crimes, a misinterpretation of all religions and texts. Sex is a basic physiological, mental, emotional and even a spiritual need of the body and the soul. I have respect for prostitutes because they are providing sex, a basic need of a human being. Why should anybody look down upon them? No religion or culture should go against the laws of nature – breathing, eating, sleeping, procreation/sex, excretion. So, why look down upon somebody offering you these? Do you look down upon the cook who prepares food, the hotelier who serves you food, the companies that provide you with toilet sinks? This is because of the confusion in values. Now, let us not get into this side-debate of prostitution and sex. Many countries such as France have legalised prostitution. I see nothing wrong in it. I see nothing wrong in male prostitution either.

Having said that, it would be wrong to co-relate or draw a parallel between 498a misusers and prostitutes. People who file false charges of 498A, DV, rape or those educated women who file alimony or maintenance or claim unreasonable rights in property are EXTORTIONISTS AND BLACKMAILERS. A prostitute has her rates fixed and pre-determined.

However, there are many prostitutes and call girls who have got into this business of extortion which is more lucrative and high yielding. Many such unscrupulous women are into various women’s groups and commissions. Afterall, its about money.

In my case my husband has even not spare his brothers wife…Bhabhi which is another mother word…

That is your allegation. You need to prove that. Moreover, even if I assume it to be true for the moment, you cannot assume that the man alone is responsible for it or initiated it. There are many cases where the women are the initiators.