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Thank you Mr rohand for your advice…i have already proved it in the court about my problem…it was not the difficult situation…Yes you r right women are the initiaters…my mil,sil were the initiaters to this problem..they supported my husband…The judge has already passed the interim orders …Now my husband can’t escape from this…He has done wrong thing…he should be punished…punishment is very pay maintenance for his daughter …i did not ask for myself…..

Men do not create all the situations that women endure…it is also mothers and fathers along with society who set the role models that children tend to learn and emulate. To blame all men for what has transpired in the past is incorrect. To punish or hate all men for any abuse a woman has recieved at the hands of a man is to ignore the fact that it was one specific man. I myself have had a few bad encounters with males as I have with females in different situations. For me to hate all women for what one woman or many women have done to me is unfair to all women. For me to hate all men for what one man or many men did to me is unfair to all men. This can further be extended to any animal, human, business, or entity. Granted often the majority of people have problems which sometimes can hurt or interfere in life we are overall responsible for our own lives and the choices we make. I have known many wonderful men as much as I have known many terrible men. The same for women. But in general the majority are about the middle to good. Not too many extremely good or extremely bad men or women have I met. Before I go further into bad or good I would like to explain that it is not so much that a person is bad or good it is that they have some habits or behaviors that are a problem for me as they are not behaviors or habits I find unacceptable. I am sure at some time the same has been thought of me.

At the end i would say…

A Man before marriage is – Superman. After Marriage – Gentleman. 5years later -Watchman. 10 Years later – Apne Hi Jaal Mein fasaa hua Spiderman. that’s why its better to be a Hanuman.