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There is a wrong notion in all societies, especially, in the Indian society about prostitutes. All societies, especially, the Indian society has wrong notions about sex. It has suppressed sex to a great extent leading to all kinds of crimes, a misinterpretation of all religions and texts. Sex is a basic physiological, mental, emotional and even a spiritual need of the body and the soul. I have respect for prostitutes because they are providing sex, a basic need of a human being. Why should anybody look down upon them? No religion or culture should go against the laws of nature – breathing, eating, sleeping, procreation/sex, excretion. So, why look down upon somebody offering you these? Do you look down upon the cook who prepares food, the hotelier who serves you food, the companies that provide you with toilet sinks? This is because of the confusion in values. Now, let us not get into this side-debate of prostitution and sex. Many countries such as France have legalised prostitution. I see nothing wrong in it. I see nothing wrong in male prostitution either.

– rohan, i agree with you on this subject. i am sure you will agree with me that sex is a integral part of marriage. is she not denied this basic need?? will he give her that basic need which binds the marriage.

if you live in society. you have a set norm,ethical and unethical. pros** offer in exchange of money. is it right to take from anyone who is offering you sex. even from bhabhi/sister/mother/child or a minor child of someone. so you cannot say no. man also use force to get it but it is different thing that you refuse to believe though it is common? so your refuse to believe news story that their is no rape of girl by her own what way woman is a intiator? if you encourage pros*** our future childrens will not have family ( father & mother)

gulati, you have asked for child support and your husband does not want child custody. which you will get it. there cannot be reconciliation even if you have a child. broken glasses cannot join. other basic need you can get even if you are unmarried/divorced. You will be deprived of sex that even otherwise you were not getting.To teach such man a good lesson is to intiate a legal action which are there to protect you. he will have to anyway spend the same amount(child support) to fight the cases to defend himself. it is no use of discussing/complaining here. law should not be misused but used when it is required to be used.