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Thank you Mr rohand for your advice…i have already proved it in the court about my problem…it was not the difficult situation…

Unfortunately, the laws being heavily in favour of women, the burden of proof is on men and when they fail to prove their own innocence, they are automatically termed guilty. Your husband has termed your case false and he doesn’t want you back. What do you have to say for that? Don’t tell me that you have proved in courts because the laws, courts, rules, police, judges, media are all in favour of women. When everything is women-centric and favouring, the man is bound to get falsely implicated.

Yes you r right women are the initiaters…my mil,sil were the initiaters to this problem..they supported my husband…

When you accept that women are the initiators, why are there laws like 497 which treat women as abla naris?

The judge has already passed the interim orders …Now my husband can’t escape from this…He has done wrong thing…he should be punished…punishment is very pay maintenance for his daughter …i did not ask for myself…..

judges and courts always favour women. Their interim orders and whatever always favour women. No proof is required and does not matter whether the woman is working and earning high salaries. There was a case I know where the wife was earning 80k a month. Husband was earning 15 k and the court passed an order for him to maintain his wife. In that case, the couple did not even have a kid. Is this fair? Is this gender equality? In fact, the wife has to pay alimony and maintain her husband!!!

Every day 30 to 40 Delhi Husbands are loosing their Home in protection of Women Domestic Violence Act, 2006.