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is she not denied this basic need?? will he give her that basic need which binds the marriage.

From the husband’s point of view, the allegations of the wife are all untrue. It may be a totally different case. I don’t believe that the wife was sex-starved.

if you live in society. you have a set norm,ethical and unethical. pros** offer in exchange of money. is it right to take from anyone who is offering you sex. even from bhabhi/sister/mother/child or a minor child of someone. so you cannot say no. man also use force to get it but it is different thing that you refuse to believe though it is common?

You mean to say that the wife who offers sex to the husband is entitled to alimony and maintenance just because she is doing it?

so your refuse to believe news story that their is no rape of girl by her own what way woman is a intiator?

I don’t refuse to believe but many stories are false too. Media is unscrupulous. Period. Regarding initiating, I was referring to any form of initiating – not just with regard to an extra-marital affairs. I personally know many women who have initiated an extra-marital affair. Section 497 needs to be changed in tune with the changed times we live in. Very often, women initiate extra-marital sex. 497 IPC treats women as abla naris.

if you encourage pros*** our future childrens will not have family ( father & mother)

When you make family and marriage unfriendly by initiating anti-male laws, the better option for the man is to go for sex outside the ambit of marriage. Feminism is an anti-male, anti-family and anti-marriage ideology. Moreover, more and more men are getting caught in these anti-male laws because of various reasons, chiefly, because they are sexual slaves. This sexual slavery can only be altered by having a free sex society.

gulati, you have asked for child support and your husband does not want child custody. which you will get it. there cannot be reconciliation even if you have a child. broken glasses cannot join. other basic need you can get even if you are unmarried/divorced. You will be deprived of sex that even otherwise you were not getting.

This is a one-sided view. The husband has a different story to tell.

To teach such man a good lesson is to intiate a legal action which are there to protect you. he will have to anyway spend the same amount(child support) to fight the cases to defend himself. it is no use of discussing/complaining here. law should not be misused but used when it is required to be used.

So you are instigating Gulati to misuse the law to teach her husband “a lesson”. You want her to file all kinds of false cases so that her husband will enrich some lawyers and come for an out of court settlement and make Gulati a rich extortionist. Wow. This goes to show the mentality of today’s women. I think the husband should take legal action against you for this.