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if 1 woman(bhabhi) is cause of your misery. then 2 man (your husband and brother inlaw) r also cause of your misery. forget about the cause think about the effect to your family( you, your child and your husband).you and your husband are adult and can take care of themselves.

The husband has a different story to tell altogether.

child need to be cared by mother in the intial stages of growth. you cannot defy nature. it would be cruel to give away the child to father if you can better take care of the child. if you have taken good care of the child when it was inside you and you can also take care outside too.

Why is it cruel to take away the child and give it to the father? How is it against nature? Moreover, what happened to the concept of equality? Your concept of equality seems to be an equality of convenience rather than genuine equality. Are fathers lesser parents or incapable of parenting? This is rubbish and anti-equality.