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Thank you so much human being for your support…yes very much true i haven’t misuse the law..its my daughters right to get maintenance from her father….from the beginning i was mentally tortured from my InLaws family ..i could have File DV or 498 a case…but i did not…

Even my in laws members and husband are not interested to take custody of their children…My husband has files divorce case from another side to get one sided divorce…he did not even think of his daughters future…I don’t want to divorce him…even if i could not get maintenance from him…i would wait for him to turn towards his daughter and leave his mistress…Even i would say he should meet his daughter atleast once a week .i don’t know dr dsouza and rohand are thinkiong that i am greedy…yes in some paras i have used some filthy language i am sorry if it hurts the sentiments of someone…but its not like that i just want to seek justice…many women might implicate their husband in false case…that does not mean everywomen are of same…might mr rohand think my problem is like a story….but these are facts..i would say again…

who i am to teach the lesson to my husband. by legal way…its only GOD..who can see what is right waht is wrong…..

Cheers to human being…

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