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There is 99% similarity in both.

Names are same for both (im lucky if i call 1st one name in dream 2nd will not offend)

Nature is same for both.

Everything is in same place as in 1st.

both get angry if i tell call my mom once in blue moon, but i have to call her relatives.

Expect no comments on her relatives but she can bark anything about my relatives and that they think OK.

I have to pay but should not ask where they spent.

2nd one better than 1st in cooking and household things but get angry if i do same thing/work in half of their time.

1st one very fond of MAAS, 2nd one only eat grass.

ego was going in front of 1st one, 2nd one follow ego.

both leave dirty utenciles in sink till next morning.

and lastly, Expected melons but got lemons in both.

anyway 2nd one is somewhat better than 1st one (majburi se bhol raha hoon)