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The point is that the dangerous work, hazardous and life-threatening work was vested with the men and men didn’t cry about equality then because of their sexual slavery to women.

you mean to say there was no contribution of women during that period other than providing sex. who looked after home & took care of childrens and old.? each one contributed according to physical ability towards the family. only if it was necessary man from other occupations joined the army and that too if they were physically capable and young.

During that period epedimic(cholera/plague)outbrake, natural calamity such has draught, floods was also common which does not spare even woman children, old. you cannot give the reason of death only because of hunting/war. snake can bite anyone. woman also used to work in field.

what about no of woman dieing during child birth?. medical complication can happen to a person having nutritious food also.

man and woman depended on each other for their requirement and lived as family in a society.

what makes you think that woman do not have urge for sex ? they do not have sexual needs??