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Investigation starts with the assumption that complainant is telling truth. what is wrong if we give advise on the assumption that person is telling truth. what is truth is truth whether it is man or woman.

I don’t use rough, abusive language and do not show any disrespect to anyone in the forum.

distruction of family affects everyone pati patni and bachha. so no one can be considered lucky.

one can forgive if the person has accepted his mistake and does not repeat it. one cannot forget the person once you were deeply in love and shared everything in live and it is more painful the same person has cheated you and given you pain. I always advise to be true/honest and not file false complaint. but if injustice is done you fight for your rights/justice and do not keep quite. guilty must be punished. injustice must stop.

jaan saabi ka choot jhata hai. everyone has the end. think about the quality of life as a outlaw or criminal