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Thanks Mr. D’souza,

Same I did. But my wife said she is ready to stay with me. Here’s the problem. Also, I discussed about the CRPC 125 which my wife has filed in Akola Family Court. Then counselor explained my wife not to go for legal as this will waste our time, money and age. Counselor explained her that to make my wife case strong the Advocate implicates false allegation which will again be a cause of dissatifaction in entire family becoz now u r ready to go back.

Also, the counselor said that they will give the certificate type paper to present the same in Akola Family Court.

I’m firm on my stand that she should withdraw the crpc 125 case which she has filed in Akola.

I require suggestion on-

1. Next date in Family court is 18th August. Counselor advised my wife to come for the date with readiness to stay with me. Where my wife agreed.

2. Also, she gave option for divorce, where my wife convinced her that how much she loves me.

3. On 27th July I have a date in Akola Family Court- 125 CRPC- How to tackle this.

4. Again I have date in Women Cell Akola on 11th August.

How to cater this?