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Even the Counselor of Women Cell, Akola scolded her dad for not holding his daughter properly.

She asked her dad that ” Weather he has his parents or not?”

FIL- ” No! They have expired.”

Counselor-” do ur wife (my MIL) have her parents then ask her to stop visiting there place, the next moment she will give badword (Bhosadicya) i.e. bhosadike who are u to stop me visiting my parents place.”

FIL- ” They visit every day.”

Counselor- (Got angry) Bhaddve one side ur wife visits her parents every day and other side ur daughter is asking his husband to live his parents???????????”

“If my son does this I’ll not tolerate this.”

Now this was the language used by Counselor in Women Cell, Akola. Refusing them to log the 498a. My father in law has some contacts in SP Office Akola. He tried his level best to register 498a against us. And landed in filling CRPC 125 in Akola Family Court.

I have date in Family Court Akola on 27th July. What should be my approach. My advocate says that he will try to dismiss the case as we are trying to take her back through RCR. And still if she wants maintainace then she should file divorce.

IS THIS RIGHT APPROACH?? Can the same be dismissed as they had aaproached Women Cell for compromise.