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On 27th July I had appeared the Court for 125 CrPC, we were sent for counseling by the Judge. I informed her about the RCR, then she asked the status of the same. I responded her that we are at Counseling stage and the counselor has asked her to joint my house. After this my wife argued that she has some conditions on joining back. Immediately, Judge told her to inform your conditions to the counselor.

She is demanding that she will join me only when I get separate from my parents. Which I clearly rejected. Then the counselor asked her for another option- she didn’t had. Also she stated that she wants to work and also wants to complete her education. I accepted this demand.

Now the Akola Court has given the next date i.e. 11th Aug 2011. I requested them to kindly grant the date after my RCR date but the counselor denied.

Now, the query-

1. Can I trap my wife on her demand of working as she is qualified- (BSc) and perusing her MCA. and escape the Maintainace u/s 125 CrPC?