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Details of Case : – I have married on 05 Jul 99. Since married, my wife was harassed tremendiously by the use of rough language, quarreling and not to cook food for me. the topic is, she is not trust me about the connection with my parents. her always altitude was, I disconnect my parents and stay with her separately. another topics is, she force me to handover all the salary money to her hand, and always connected with her parents. If I not agreed all, she harassed me always. I am a soldier, always stay with quarter at different place. So, since marriage, I have not connected with my parents for quarreling till Aug 2008. I also teach her & qualified her BA & Seated a School Service Commission. All expenses has done by me. Because, If she manage a sarkari nakri, I was thinking all harrashment to be closed. In such way, I spent 9 yrs. On Oct 2008, she manage a school service at Purulia(WB). But she has not confirmed me. In that time I was served the nation at Delhi Cantonment. All my Bag & baggage, furniture & cash certificate & also my daughter have been taken from quarter with the help of her parent and attend the service. When, I came back at quarter at Kolkata, I shaw the quarter was locked. I try to connect through mobile, but not answered. When, I went to father-in-law house, All family members are quarreled with me and forced me to leave her house with the quarter key. At 24 Dec 08 she, has done 498A case showing that I was gone to Purulia (WB) and harrashed her with the witness of her school principal & chaprasi. Also, she write her FIR that, all my family members incl my married sister & sister-in-law has also harrashed her during the staying at my home. & Non bailable arrent warrant issued against all member. I have taken anticipatory bail at Kolkata High Court. After some times, she has done anothers cases under sec 125 and Domestic Violence against all family member. I am paying the maintenance as ordered through ex-parte hearing because, I have not received any court notice. In all cases every month two days has fixed the hearing date. But I could not attend the case because of Army Service & travelling from Delhi to Kolkata is very difficult. Also my 70 yrs old age parents are suffering for attending the court twice every month. It’s a critical condition of my family. I am a very poor soldier. I can’t bear all expenditures of travelling & court expenses. So, now a days my parents eats only one time food for saving money to attend the court. I have reported all details to my senior officer, But they have not help me anything from Army department. So, what can I do? please help me & Please advice me and also advice my office senior officer so, that I can take some relief from these trouble. Also, I am proceeding pension on Jan 2012. my wife, has threaten me that she will make nuicences at my Record Office for not to give any pension money & to be closed my pension money. So I am very scared about it. Please help me.