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One another issue I’m facing in this is, my office premises. While buying it (It comprises of 5 shops), for the initial payment of 10 Lac, my wife told me that can be arranged from my father-in-law as a personal law & later we can repay it as I was planning to mortgage it. And using that money we registered the bigger 2 shops (almost 65% of the total area) in her name itself. And the total cost came to Rs. 25 Lacs. And after the total process was over, her father objected to mortgage the property and by that time, I had invested whatever was there for the remaining payment & furnishing. That is when my business started facing serious financial issues. Later in Mar 2010, my wife herself, took one personal loan from various financial institutions for approximately 13 Lacs, for which I’ve paid the EMI of Rs. 39,057/- every month till Nov 2011, till she left my flat. Now when I’m trying to sell of my offices, whose agreements are with her, I asked her how many days prior she needs an intimation, she told she needs to calculate the amount I owe her and even after almost 3 months I haven’t received any reply. Then I sent an email to her during Jan 2012 last week. Till now there’s no reply with proper details other than an email saying that she needs to check all the details.

Now how can I get this sorted out?