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Sir today was hearing in court, as I told you earlier she wants to give statements of Gram Vikas Officer and as well Doctor. So court issued summons in last hearing for both but the doctor didn’t appeared before court today, but Gram Vikas Officer did. He along with him brought the birth and death registration register, but seeing it, it wasn’t old register of the year 1992, it was looking as if it is of this years register. All entries in that register were with same ink, all signatures from january to march of the clerk were with the same ink but from april to december no signatures of any of the official’s were there in the register. They were two people, I heared both of thems conversation from which I noticed one thing that her dad managed for false records and have send them to the court. None of the entries were verified by the senior officials of the gram panchayat at the end of the year.