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Types of Abuse

Most of the time, domestic violence against men only gets any attention when a celebrity is the victim of some kind of noteworthy physical harm, such as when Tiger Woods’ wife attacked him with a golf club or Phil Hartman’s wife shot him as he slept. Even then, the violent acts are often perceived as isolated incidents and much of the public and private speculation presumes the man “did something to deserve it.” In reality, this kind of violence is often foreshadowed by actions that may not seem like domestic violence on the surface, but do, in fact, represent a series of abuses against the men such as:

Using insults, name-calling, and other berating language

Interfering with him seeing his family and friends

Threatening to expose embarrassing personal information to others

Showing oppressive possessiveness or jealousy

Restricting his spending or controlling his finances

Shoving, slapping, or otherwise striking him

Threatening harm to themselves or others as a way to “punish” him