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I really don’t know should I call you stupid or blind love for your wife. Trust me, you and your mom have to stick together in these hard times. And please don’t abandon her and she needs you more than your vengeance wife wants you. I am sure you have not invested 17L on the day one of your marriage. The only issue is that you have not followed your instincts. At least now, STOP thinking from your heart and use your brain. This is a phased approach. If you follow, I am sure the situation would come under control.

1. STOP having sex so that you wont bring an another life into this mess. Trust me, many people think having children will settle down many family disputes. BUT that’s a blunder. If you are active in sex then please please and please wear a helmet

2. Talk to your mom and explain that you are there and you will be there for her no matter what it takes. And this is a small glitch that you are dealing with and once under control, she (mom) will be brought back to live with you.

3. Join SFI and get your self educated about anticipatory bail and file one for yourself and your mom. This is VERY IMPORTANT. You will not know the importance of this unless you are hit with 498a.

4. Simultaneously do what it takes you to secure a better job so that you can bring back your mom some day. When you have a better pay and mom on your side, things will look brighter.

5. Start collecting lots and lots of evidence for you to be on safer side. I am not saying to break away from your wife. Your wife may not be bad and that she might be under influence. Only time can decide that. Often newly wed, and that too being too close to her parents bring lots and lots of un-warned trouble. Hope you get what I am saying.

Please maintain absolute silence unless you have taken care all of above. Once you are equipped give an ultimatum to your wife to talk to you and resolve issues in the best interest of your marriage. Express that you really want her and that you love her (if you TRULY do so) from the bottom of your heart but not at the cost of insulting either you or your mom. And that’s the bottom line. Keep aside the entire male ego. It does not do any good. At the same time do not let someone ride on you for free.

Don’t let barking dogs get the best of you. Do you really care if your FIL is BA LLB., or if he is a goon? Don’t let this fear enter you. I am confident that when you silently plan you and your mom’s safety (legally and financially) everything will fall in its place.

Forget about 17L in the worst case assume its difficult to recover. in the best case, this might resolve all your marital problems. Always try to look at the brighter side.

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