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498A + 15Lack Cash + 100Gms Gold + 45Kpm Maintanance U/s12 DV & Maintenance Act.

Welcome Forums Advice 498A 498A + 15Lack Cash + 100Gms Gold + 45Kpm Maintanance U/s12 DV & Maintenance Act.

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      FIR 498 A


      After getting bail judge order for depositing 100gms gold else bail will get dismissed and remand for gold recovery (1 month time given)


      45K maintanance suite on unemployed U/s 12 of DV & Maintenance


      15Lack cash for settelment.

      => What more a husband can bear mentaly

      To get rid of this terrorism shoot this 498A Wives


      Married on 4/2/09

      Seperated on 06/04/09 (Her redeclous mother and idiot wife not only took all her gold( Including gold of my mother worth Rs. 3Lack) and all her belongings but also grocery items in two trip of car, in my absence while i was at office, it was witness by my land lord, all neighbours and my aunt)

      18/04/09- Complaint in women cell (Investigation process started)

      19/04/09- I reported the matter to CJ, Human Rights, SSP City, & SHO by post stating the gold theft and Threat of 498A

      21/04/09- I framed my wife and her mother with 3 charges of, abusing, beating and threatning and breeach of trust.

      26/04/09- i filled a suit of section 9 of hindu marriage act

      27/04/09 i filled a DDR against my in-laws of gold theft & apprehension agains the misuse of 498A with CC to DGP, SSP, CJ & Human rights


      498A, 406 & 506 was charged on me on 11/06/09 with such remarks of DSP.

      after dismiss of anticipatory bail from session court i got it from HC. Now my in-laws want my bail to be dismissed on ground of no gold recovery and DV. Now my next AB hearing is on 10/12, with an order either to deposite 100gms gold or cancellation of bail for jail for recovery of gold.


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      As you filled case on her 1st, what is the status of that ?

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