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      My wife left my home with my kid in feb 2012, before leaving she did one NC in Mumbai, after that she did one FIR in her native (Bihar) police station and put all my family member’s name.

      My sister husband jailed for a week and got regular bail.

      We got A. Bail for my my parents and for my sister, mine was rejected by lower court.

      I applied (A bail) before high court and got stay against warrant till 4th Jan. On 4th Jan I have to be present before the high court judge for compromise. as she(My wife) wanted to come back.

      My questions are:

      1) She did One NC(FIR CRPC 155), and second one in her native place, Is second FIR is maintainable?

      2) Now I don’t want to continue any relationship with my wife, should I file Divorce?

      3) On 4th Jan if judge ask to take her back, what should I reply as I dont want to take her back?

      Please help.

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      She cannt file 2 cases on same fact in different places;

      dont file Divorce, file RCR, let her answer in court that she want to come back or not.

      never say you dont want your wife, you just say once case is over you are ready to take her back, if its 498a then she cannt withdraw herself, without your node she cannt withdraw.

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      You may file divorce petition & get free from her, it will be better. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      My A. Bail is still pending in High Court Patna. I got the stay order only?

      should I file Divorce now or after the bail?

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      do not hurry for Divorce.

      men in India need stronger points and proofs to file for Divorce. if you have enough proofs then go for it. else file RCR. and child visitation.

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      I have asked for visilation rights but my lawyer says that we will do after A.B. or bail, I have appeared before the judge in high court chamber meeting. My lawyer said that compromise is not possible, the judge then asked to my wife that what she wants, my wife was crying horrably infront of the judge in chamber meeting room and was telling we have harassed her from 2 yrs and bla bla.. judge asked again what she wants the she said she wants to stay with me. then judge looked at me and orded for medeation. I am in mess now.

      I dont want to take her back what can i do now. Please let me know is someone fighting 498A or maintanance case in Bihar??

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      you should have told, she is filling case now just to show, she says she want to join you.

      judges knows all this drama, still they order mediation.

      you shoul dhave told how to take her back when case is pending. or Once cases are over im ready to take her back.

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      May i know the Patna Help line number please?

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      I have slapped only once to my wife, If I accept in medeation that I have slapped her(she was abusing a lot to my family members continuously) with explaination, would that harm to my case or is there any negative affect to getting AB?

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      Hi Abhishek,

      We hail from Patna and my brother and family has also been slapped with the same case.we are still in the process of taking AB.My father had to take a regular bail as we did not get any heads up for this case being registered .getting a good lawyer seems to be the only solution.I have also got in touch with one good lawyer for guidance but he is from delhi. if you need contact details..pls email me at .

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      Also would advise you that even if you have ever slapped her..not accept this fact as will weaken your case only

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      Medeation is going on and she is telling false story in medeation room blamed a lot to my family members. i just asked to her that if you have so many problems with my family then why do you want to join me? she said for child only…

      now 2nd medeation date in nearby, I was telling i dont want to live with her. please let me know other area’s to prepare?

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      Never say, you do not want to take her back. and not at all in mediation room, as they are totally biased towards you.

      just tell once all cases are over, if she is right i will take her back that should be your word.

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      But ther are asking me that forget about the case let us know you wanted to take her back or not?

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      Tell them;

      i will decide only after case finish, as long as case is pending i cannt tell anything. as there is judgment, filing false case is valid reason for divorce, what if i win the case ?

      be bold and talk loudly and clear, if possible record what they and you say secretly.

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      If possible could you please provide your contact number to discuss further?

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      You can call any of our Helpline numbers near to you or join them in weekly meetings, check numbers in contact us page on

      I am not in India, right now.

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      4 dates of medeation has gone and medeator has forced me to take her back as now my wife wanted to come back with my terms and condition..but i refused to take her back i told to medeator that as she filled false case i dont want to take her back…now final date is on 16th April. he will confirm over the phone that i wanted to compromise the case or not?? what should i do?

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      dont say Bluntly that you do not want to taker her back.

      as i told earlier. you have to say.

      “sure sure, i will take her back once all cases are over” even for compromise, same dialogue.

      you have to say politly.


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      I asked to the medeator that if she will give in written that “this is false case and she will not do it again” then i will take her back. and medeator says that she is ready to give in written but she wanted the assurance that i’ll not do and counter case. i replied i’ll think..pls let me know what should i do next?

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      if you want her back then take it in writting; and also ask her to write she wrote this without any Force or threat and sign infront of police and get it acknowledged by them.

      else tomorrow she may say she was forced to write like that.

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      At last I got AB bail from high court, high court judge grant her interim maintenance of 6K per month for my child and her, she has already filled maintenance case and DV, now in DV mediation is going on in lower court, judge is asking to take her back otherwise he will pass 25K maintenance per month? The few question is in my mind.. please help

      1) Sometimes I am thinking to take her back for my child (4 years) as she wanted to come back. is it good idea?

      2) How can I fight the DV case if judge will pass 25K per month, is it mandatory to pay that much amount to her?

      3) I have spent a lot to fight this case and my sister husband got jail for 7 days can I ask court for my damages?

      4) My lawyers are suggesting that filled Divorce case if you do not want to take her back, is this god idea to file Divorce case now?

      Amy other suggestions are most welcome..

      please help


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      We are not Women Organisation, We men always Advice you to give someone Second chance, even there is 1% goodness in that person. if you think she will not harass you and do same or more trouble again, you can give a try.

      but be careful, take all precautions as told in earlier posts.

      Judge cannt pass any order of 25K maintenance, there should be justification, calculation and her eligibility to claim that much.

      if you prove its a false case or case quashed then sister husband has right to sue her for defamation

      to file what proof you have, wait for DV, Maintenance to finish then its easy, you will get many grounds to file Divorce.

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