498a case under trial and mahila mandal calling

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      My 498a case under trial meanwhile i got letter frm mahila mandal through police station i am very worry i dont want attend the mahila mandal i wanna ask if i will not attend mahila mandal can they harrasing me coming my home or convey court that mahila mandal calling me.

      What is the legal and lawfully authority of mahila mandal if not attend the fix date. What mahila mandal take action against me if i will not attend their office of so called time

      help me and send me ur valuable advice thanks

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      You have to attend and tell them boldly, she filled case just to harass you, if you are attending then they will think you are guilty, they may send police to arrest you.

      be there, tell them you side of story, im sure they will not allow you to talk much than force you to admit whatever she says.

      if possible take hidden recorder and record whatever they say,

      call our local helpline numbers and meet, discuss.

      and also let us know what had happened.

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