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498a harrshment to me and my family from my Wife.

Welcome Forums Advice Maintenance 498a harrshment to me and my family from my Wife.

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      Hi ALL

      I married on 12-06-2011. She is with me only less than 8months.she never cooked food for me. She behaves like her mother and sister. She and her family members harassed me and my family a lot. I am unable to say some inner harassment from my wife. On Aug 2012 her pregnancy confirmed I brought all medicines, she asked me I will go to her home I said ok. Her brother and mother took her their home.

      After two weeks I called her father when are coming to Hyderabad with my wife. He started to buy AC, Fridge, LED TV and House Maid. At this time her uncles (who lives in Hyderabad) made one cop to call me and make me afraid that she filed 498a on me in Hyderabad after she went her home .The same thing I asked her father and her why are doing all these things why you given complaint but they said that they don’t about the case. After a settlement she came to Hyderabad.

      I admitted her in hospital 29 Nov 2012 because of Pregnancy problem. I paid the entire amount through my debit card. Her mother not spent even a single rupee for bring tea to her even the doctor says. At that time I went to bring medicines. She lost pregnancy on 8th Dec. At that time she called her uncles and their sons to hit me and my mother nearly 25 members came. She interested to her home but I never stopped her .She never feel bad for losing her pregnancy she left to her home .She never communicated with me after gone to her home. At the end of March 23 my father given a lawyer notice that she had carried all her belongings including jewelry (sthreedan),Is she interested to come back or not and asking her to give reply about this .She has to give reply within one week according to the lawyer notice. They are not given any reply .Filed 498A, 3DPA, 4DPA Act on 8th April. Police called me that my wife filed 498a on me and come to the police station. Me and parents to police station they are not arrested me and my parents at that time. They asked me to leave, CI tried to make counseling she and her mother, her father started shouting on me and my father, scolded on my lawyer with very vulgar words. She told to CI she will come to my house if I am not with my family members. She used to say there is threat for her from my family. But truly I have threat from her family and from her uncles and their sons. They attacked me 4 to 5 times in my home. My watch man and other neighbors are witness for that. She is Sico, Sadist and going to top of the building and shouting that she will die. Her mother also used to sit with my neighbors saying that we are asking extra dowry even they are not given a single rupee. She used to spoil my fame in my apartment also. Her father showing ATM bills to CI saying that he sent money to her brother-in-laws. But they never came to hospital. Me and my father and mother and my relatives only there. They don’t know who is the doctor taken care of her . Her mother only with her. And her father says that I asked for 15000 rupees for paying hospital bill. CI taken sign of me and asked me to leave whenever her called and I have to attend. But he never called me and SI is calling to talk with me and my father. She included my father, mother, two sisters in FIR. Except me all are got bail at the same day. I am in Prison for 4 days. I got a bail; she called to my office asking my pay slip and salary details. She sent all the police complaint, her written statement. She had a conversion with my company HR saying I harassed her a lot from December 8th onwards I am not taking care about her even she is living her father, not communication with me from Dec 8 2012 onwards. They used to calling to my relatives saying that we are arrested and spoiling my fame in my relatives and gone to younger sister’s mother in-laws house saying we hashed her daughter a lot and not admitted her in hospital her uncle only taken care of her and admitted her in hospital even though they not came to hospital . She ready to file maintenance case .I given her whatever she wants. My parents taken care of her as her own daughter .My mother and father are very old, we are attending the court. Someone given that “She is in a frustrated mode now; she needs as much money as possible.” Its right me also thinking same. That’s why she is calling to my relatives and saying that I was arrested and also saying that she won’t leave me and my family easily. Thanks to god, he saved me a lot.

      She had taken some photos like devil, sadist type photos. I kept in my system is they are ok in court for my further proceedings. I showed that photos to psychiatrist. He said that she in some disorder. she not have only 3 friends which i know. she in less than 5 feet in height. i think that is the problem of her inferiority complex. she don’t want to live with me and my family members. Her mother also did the same thing .Her father never spoke in front her mother. no one from his side relatives come to her home. Her mother is the dominating person in her home. She also made to her to behave like this her sister also behaves like this.

      I received “CS” on Aug 2nd and my next court date is March 20th. What Steps I have to take now. Shall I go for quash .Please help me.

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      Whatever bills and other payment details is a Plus point to show that you care for her.

      if you are in talking term, you can call her and record all her bad words.

      you can talk about your past harassment by them.

      calling HR is harassment, there are judgments on this.

      if we know more details about 498a we can guide you or you can meet our Hyderabad members they will guide you.

      check our contact numbers in contact page for more HELP>

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      I have the Medical bills and voice record of her uncle son scolded me rude and vulgarer language.In the Charge Sheet the witness given different statements.I got Charge Sheet in exactly 90 days.

      1.wife 2.father.3.mother.4,5 are external 5 and 6 are CI and SI.why CI and SI are saying they are witness.

      After call from police we visited the PS on 12th April.They filed case as me along with my family went to her house on before 12th to harsh her.Is it possible.

      My wife and father and mother given statements are different from each other on each situation (ex: Admitted Hospital and spent hospital charges).Is this help full to me.Shall i go for Quash.

      “SI” sent a copy to Director My office saying that take action on me very.Does he have rights to ask my Director.My irector said he don’t have any rights to ask me to take action on my employee.My Lawyer said that we can take action on that “SI”.

      My next court date is 20 march. so what steps i have to take now on her.if she files interim or maintenance what action i have to take against her.

      There is no communication to between me and my wife and both families.

      What is the next step i have to take against her because she spoiled my life and still doing that by calling and going to my relatives house.They are threatening my brother-in-laws saying we will see your end like that.

      I blocked the number taken by her registered on my name.can you please send me the new amendments taken by the government about this 498A.what action should take on her for harassing me.

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      The 4 and 5 witness are saying that they just listen what my wife,father and mother are said to them like iam asking money to purchase car,LED TV,Fridge etc. but they are asked me to do all these things if i want my wife back(before filing 498a). How to apply for Divorce and when can i apply for divorce.

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      Police cannt be witness to criminal cases;

      in your case few SPEED post letters and RTI can do wonders.

      they cannt write to your working place.

      if Police gives witness and calling your Office, with all details drop a Speed post to SP/IGP/DIG asking them to take disciplinary action against Police and after a week file RTI asking them the status of the complaint.

      just browse this link, [ ] and you will know how to write such letters more details

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      Hi All

      I received Charge sheet from court. what is the summons means .Is court will give summons to both parties after filling charge sheet.Charge sheet and summons both are same.if not same when can i get summons.what should i do after getting summons.

      Please advice me.

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      Thanks Dr.Dsouza

      I will write letters to DIG with register post to get Acknowledgement.Again Thanks for your reply.

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      Charges are framed by the police and sent to court and its called chargesheet.basically its a report stating that charges are true and the case is being handed over to court for further process and trial.Then the court takes cognizance and frames charges ,Court will summon you to appear in the court on a particular date .They will send you a notice prior to it informing you of the date .In case you dont have anticipatory bail its advisable not to appear in the court . Pls consult a good lawyer and proceed ahead.In case you have your anticipatory bail , you can appear in the court and deny the charges and seek permission to continue on the AB .

      This is how the process is in our case.Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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      I got charge sheet from court in my previous court date and the next date is march 20.Iam in regular bail now.if i am not attend the court this results may be the cancellation of my bail.So summons means giving the next attending court date.i am already got the date from court.i never missed any court dates from starting to till now.

      I think court will send summons to the my wife.May be i think from next court date (20 march ) my wife need to attend the court .

      This means my case came to TRAIL or it takes time.

      Thanks for giving your all valuable replies to me to come out of this false case filed on me .Thanks a lot

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      Yes ur case is on trial now..but ask your lawyer if he can appear in court on ur behalf as theses summons will be very frequent . Check with him the possibility and if allowed in the court , it will make your life a little easier.

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      Thanks Shazia

      yes it possible only for 3 times he can attend the court behalf of me.can u answer one thing is that my wife should also have to attend the court from march 20th onwards,this is my next date to attend the court after receiving the charge summons means informing the date to attend the court so iam already got that date.

      In case my wife and her relatives also attend the court what should i do .may be then can do plan to do anything to cancel my bail saying that did some thing harm to can i face that one in case it happens.

      I have 8 months time to attend the court what should i do i n these 8 months about the can i file counter cases on her,parents and relative because me and my family suffered a lot.i gone into JAIL too.

      If she files Maintenance Case how can face that one.I have lot of loans to much the judge will offer for her from my salary.I think she is in that way ,she making calls to my HR asking my salary details and my payslips.and how can i take Divorce from it possible to apply for Quash in HC.Thanks Again

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      Ask your lawyer if you can file 205 ,exempt from personal appearance in court .Where are you based? In almost all big cities , there are weekend meetings being organised for this cause and you can benefit from the same, I have attended on in Kolkata and believe me its going to be the biggest help.unfortunately the city where I reside we dont have any such chapters here.

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      Meetings Means SIF Meetings.I am from Hyderabad and case in vizag and my wife don’t have any single quarrel between us.because of her mother ,sister and relatives,brother,father ,they only spoiled her life and me also .Because of that stupids only i lost my son.she never felt anything even she lost her pregnancy. she whatever they said,i think she personally did some thing to lost pregnancy after i went to office.I wll ask about 205 .can you tell me a brief about 205.

      Thanks for your help.

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      check this

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      Thanks I will go through this.

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      Those are various judgments based on 205

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      How can i apply for divorce,I don’t want to face the harassment from her whatever i faced in past.So please tell me how can i get the divorce from her.I think she won’t agree to give divorce for me.she will go as per her parents and relatives.In that case how can i get the Divorce.if she filed IN TERM maintenance what are the possibilities to face that.The 498a case still going on.

      “when will my wife get summons from court and after getting that is she needs to attend the Court or no need to attend.”

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      You should have Valid reasons to file for Divorce

      Read this and let us know what you have.

      if you prove her case is False,then its a Cruelty on you and if you prove that she left her own then you can go for Divorce on this.

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      i have lawyer notice asking her to come back .in that i mentioned every thing when she left and what she had taken including SREEDHAN.Iam ready to fight with 498a case because i didn’t any harm to her.I loved her a lot .i given whatever she wants.but she never loves me as per her behavior.She likes and listen only her family members and her relatives.I left job because of her (changed to night sift). But she never thought i did for her.lot of things like this.I am not belongs to her she likes this her mind parents and her relatives only belongs to her not husband who shares life .

      I faced a lot of harassment from her and her family and her relatives.i never want to see her face again.i want to fight to prove my innocence.Is there any cases to file on her if she proved as she filed false case on me.Please let me know.Please tell me.

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      What she replied to your lawyer Notice.

      Do not hurry filling Divorce, she only filed 498A, now prepare to defend your property/house if any make your side / points strong before filling Divorce.

      if you have house / Property change ownership, if she knows your bank accounts details change it.

      Collect proofs.

      Record audio / video if you are talking

      talk to our group members, they will share their experience

      once you are confident you can go ahead.

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      If it is the fact that your wife is harassing you along with your family , file petition for divorce & prosecute her if any offences have been committed at her instance. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      Hi Dsouza and Adv.Kachave

      In her lawyer notice: she mentioned that i harassed her a lot and she is ready to start life with me.she is ready to come at any time ,any place.I am looking for the possibilities of filing divorce.She mentioned in her complaint me and my family had gone to her house and harassed her a lot.How it possible how can we do that.

      I don’t have any property on my name.I think she don’t know about my bank details.I have bike only on my name.

      Every property on my father name only.Is there any case to get my father property also.How much she can get from my salary.I am working as a software engineer.

      I have voice record oh her uncle’s son who scolded with very dirty words (very very bad words) is this help full to me.

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      Hi Dsouza and Adv.Kachave

      In her lawyer notice: she mentioned that i harassed her a lot and she is ready to start life with me.she is ready to come at any time ,any place.I am looking for the possibilities of filing divorce.She mentioned in her complaint me and my family had gone to her house and harassed her a lot.How it possible how can we do that.

      I don’t have any property on my name.I think she don’t know about my bank details.I have bike only on my name.

      Every property on my father name only.Is there any case to get my father property also.How much she can get from my salary.I am working as a software engineer.

      I have voice record oh her uncle’s son who scolded with very dirty words (very very bad words) is this help full to me.

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      For how much time you have been seperated so far.

      do not hurry in filling Divorce, 1st go for Restitute conjugal rights

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      Hi Dsouza

      On Dec 8th 2012 she left from my house in hyderabad.Till now i not filled any divorce on her.i am looking for the possibilities.I am thinking to file QUASH on High Court soon.I want to take right decision only even it takes time.

      What is the “Restitution conjugal rights” : Is this asking for to come back or for asking divorce.if it is asking her come back i did the same through my lawyer on march 23-2012.but he not filled that in the court.Going for

      Quash is right or wrong.My lawyer saying that my parents and me can easily get quash as per the Charge Sheet.How much time will take for getting Quash.


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      Divorce is a Family matter, other criminal charges has nothing to do with this. only if you prove her wrong or she filed False case, you can show it as a cruelty on you [ use supporting judgment ] so you will get divorce.

      RCR is asking her to come back, if she says NO, she is not ready to stay with you. if she says she want to come back, you can say when criminal cases are pending you cannt take her back. you always has to say.


      go for quash then you can think about divorce.

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      Hi Dr.Dsouza

      I don’t want her back.There is chance to take any action again on me.she never thinks i am belongs to her.she will listen her mother and relatives words only not mine,my parents and sisters and relatives are enemies to her.she not interested to play with one year baby of my sister’s kid.

      IN RCR she says that she is ready to come back to my home any time,any place.Yes i lost my love on her.iam not interested to meet her again. YES I WILL GO FOR QUASH.HOW MUCH TIME IT WILL TAKE TO GET THE QUASH.

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      I am not saying take her back. that you have to say in court only and not to Practice.

      All Indian women think their husbands family members are enemies, thats age old truth. you are not special.

      quash will over by 2/3 months if she is not contested.

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      Thanks Dr.Dsouza

      i will go for quash.

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      Hi All

      on last saturday her came to my aunt house in hyderabad very close to my aunt is not there at that time.he spoken with son of my aunt asking about me.I don’t know what they are going to do.what steps shall take against him.he is the person acted as a mediator between my family and my wife family so many times.i think they want to do something bad to me.on may like this they sent a person to my apartment asked my watchman i am here or not.Is there any chance for her and her family to enter in to my house forcibly.if that happen what i have to do.Till now they not filed any maintenance case on me.Guide me.

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