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      I’m an old member of this forum, now i’m updating my case history here,please give your suggestions.

      I’m an indian muslim working as engineer in sharjah.me and my wife got married in india in 2009,we were living with her parents in sharjah,we got a son in 2010. In 2010 she filed false 498a (no physical or mental harrasment) against me and my mother.she filed divorce and return of ornaments petition also,i came to india and took AB (got regular bail now), i filed RCR in india.then she filed for divorce in dubai court,i’m contesting it in dubai through my advocate there.now her divorce petition in india got dismissed because of her non appearance (she appeared once for counselling),i got ex-partee RCR also.Some of her jewellery is with me (i never demanded anything from them) but i denied it in the court as my advocate asked me to do so,but she is exaggerating the quantity and asking for huge money from me.the only problems between us was her family always interfere in our personal matters and didnt allow her to come and live with my new

      flat in sharjah.they dont like me sending money to my old parents in india.

      Now her family is trying for an out of court settlement,i’m not agreeing it as i and my family suffered a lot by their false 498a.

      Me and my wife were living with no problems,only her father’s intention for my money made all problems.now my wife is not allowing me to see my son and living according to instructions from her parents

      Now my question is if she get divorce from dubai,will it be valid in india.I dont want her to get divorce as 498a is there in india against me and my old mother who didnt do any harm to her.

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      1. Sad to hear your case

      2. Why are you depending on lawyers in Dubai ???? why ?? I have been to the Sharia courts in Dubai and they are VERY friendly to expats

      2.1. Many quadis in the sharia FAMILY court area speak urdu / hindi

      2.2. even IF you do NOT speak hindi they provide you translators

      3. UNDER sharia law your wife CAN NEVER get divorce without your consent ….so if you do NOT wish to divorce her do NOT give your consent ; once again …. I do NOT know why you are needing lawyers in Dubai that too for an Islamic sharia matter

      I am quite amazed that you are trusting your lawyer


      4. next question : why do you think or why do you suspect that she will get a divorce in Duabi ? what makes you think so ?

      5. Will HER divorce in Dubai be valid in India : Complicated question …honestly I do NOT know the answer

      – are you married under Sharia law in India ???

      – are you married under Sharia law in UAE ???

      – have you registered your marriage under any other Law / act in India ??



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