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      Dear Sir/Madam,

      We got Married 05/30/2002, and have a daughter born 09/07/2005. My wife and she’s family given me 498a, it’s not true case, believe me. My wife are engaged a boy his house front of my house, all the matters are know every person in my village, and now they support to me and they told me if necessary then they given command in court and also they given me written about my character. When my wife goes outside form my house near about 18.6 vory gold and cash 1.20 lack Indian rupees taken. Not taken my daughter she is now in my house. My wife doing the 498a case’s date 31/08/2009 and I arrest 06/09/2009, court give me bail at 19/09/2009 my next court date is 16/09/2009. Some proof has me about my wife and the boy that they are in illegal relation. Police report I not withdrawal, 16/09/2009 I withdrawal the report. Believe me I and my family love much more to my wife. They (My wife family) are very very poor and live in a bosti, my mother see 1st time and she arrange my marriage, Mother told me they are very poor so what? After marriage she is my family member, believe me not a single word is wrong. My wife, she’s family and the boy they are misusing this law. I take a lawyer and he told me I do a case about the matter his ph. No is: 033 301xxxxx. I don’t know what happened next? If possible please help me.


      With kindest regards,

      Dipak Kumar Adhikari

      Tegharia(Dhali Para),NandanKanan.

      W.B. India.

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      Please find our Calcutta HELP LINE numbers from here http://mynation.net/contact-us/ and call;

      they will guide you what to do next

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