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      I got married in Feb .09. We had physical relations even before marriage & my love for her was true so i got married to her

      Since this marragie was not acceptable to my family, I had to do so many sacrifices I left my house, my parents, my family, my friends to marry her & we were staying seperately at thane.

      Knowing the fact she is elder to me by 5 yrs, I still did not say anything as my love for her was true

      Like all for me also Marriage is based on love & trust only

      Later on I came to know that this girl had 2 more relations before marriage, that guy himself came to meet me & told me all about his & her relations, which I confirmed from her & she agreed to it, so she lost my trust by hiding this facts. ” This is the way she broke my trust by hiding the facts “

      Like every husband & wife have also used to have quarrels but there was no end to her cribbing for each & every thing

      Since our daily fights had increased, one day she went off to her motehrs place & i came to my home, so taht we could think why all this happened where did we go wrong but before could think she filed a complain against me u/s 498A & 406 and she got me arrested, due to her I had to spend 1 night in prison, even in the court she was demanding my police custody. ” That was the end of my love for her “

      She has also included my family ( mom dad & sis) & 1 of my freind.

      The best example to prove that is girl is selfish, is that she has made a false complain against my friend who helped us so much in getting married, he was alone from my side in the marraige, reception ceremony, even after marriage he used to be there to help us for shopping, settign up teh house, taking us out out anywhere with his car etc

      The main pillars of marraige trust & love were broken, she herself is responsible for this

      After such a lot of mental harassment I am not ready to stay with her, anyway our case in the court, so after the completion of 1 year of marraige, i will be filing petition for divorce.

      But still she is not keeping quiet, now she has appraoched some womens associtaion, who have called me to enquiry. Please advice

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      Do not file for Divorce; you will endup paying her rest of your life.

      instead let us know whats her alegation in 498A, so you can counter it.

      once you are out of 498A, you can file for Divorce as filling false case is Cruelty on you.

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      Your wife has filed criminal case u/s 498(a) of I.P.C , so there are no chances to settle the matter, so file writ petition for quashing the said case, if you will succeed , it will be better for you.Then after you may think for divorce after lapse of 1 year from the date of your marriage.

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      The sections what she has used are 498A, 406 r/w 34 of the I.P.C

      Forgot to mention she is working as a libraran in the high court & is using her inlfuence to trouble me

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