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      I am an Indian from the native of Hyderabad who is a resident of Doha-Qatar from the past 30 years…Last february i got married in Hyderabad and after two months my wife joined me here in Qatar…

      We got a son in February and she requested that she wants to go meet her parents mainly as her parents want to meet her and my son…I agreed and even though i was reluctant i allowed her to go to be with her parents…my relationship with my in laws have not been good from initial…but it’s allright mainly as i was happy here in qatar with my wife and son….

      when she left last month everything was normal though there used to be normal tiffs but nothing serious and she also used to regularly talk to my mom very nicely updating about my son on the phone…until last week when she completely stopped taking my calls and not replying to my sms…i really got nervous at the very thought that my son is away from me and is to be grabbed by my in-laws…unfortunately that is what has happened…my wife has sent me a sms and then a detailed email clearly saying that there is nothng left in our relationship and we must seperate…she does not want to talk and see me and has given such lame excuses as that my parents have alwats humiliated her, and i have never taken her for honeymoon or that i have become fat after marriage and that the whole year there was not a day she was happy with me or my parents…this is all so surprising coming out now…there was not a mention of what would be my future relationship with my son….

      Sir,,,my son was born in Qatar and both my wife and son have valid resident permits of Qatar…what are the rights that i have for my son…if i come down to hyd immediately can i meet him..if so what are the legal procedures as i want to do everything legally right without creating any ugly scenes or humiliation from anyone….pls advice me and how i could get legal aid from you..also what are your service and fees for me in this regard…we are both muslims and our nikah took place in hyderabad…i and my parents are very much dying for ny son here….plsss advice if i can get any support on arrival at Hyd for visitation rights and see my infant son whom iam missing a lot…plssssssssssss help as iam so distressed for not knowing mych about formalities in India…

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      you are not the only one, there wrost cases than this. you have to take care yourself and be bold to face this.

      Keep those Emails and SMS, which will be very useful when she claim Alimony.As she left you. and she wanted Divorce not you.

      There is better life Ahead of you. You cann`t STOP runaway women. Let her go.

      We do not charge for our service, if you have someone Proceed with legal matter then you can contact our Hydrabd Members. Phone numbers can be found on our site. under contact us page.


      or in similar maner so she should not use that in court that as you wanted Divorce.

      As you are not citizen of Qatar, you do not have any legal rights in Family matters, even if you file for divorce in Qatar that is not valid in India. other than TALAQ.

      As your son is minor, so you can`t file for custody and you are not in india.

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