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      ‌I have been married since 26th April 2020 since then my life has become hell. My parents are aged and my mother is hardly able to walk properly. I was living in a joint family and wife never accepted her responsibilities towards my family instead she started making a nuisance. She had a fight with everyone. My wife and her family tortured everyone even my parents and my elder brother his wife. Everyday they threatened us by saying that they will file a case or call cops. One day my wife started a huge argument even her parents supported her then she got her separated kitchen which she always wanted. She used to blackmail me in many ways like drinking phenyl, jumping from the roof, hanging herself to the death, eating many medicines.
      ‌Apart from this one day we have visited our village in up we finished our established rituals and came back happily and once we came upstairs on our floor she fainted. When we called her parents and asked them whether she has any prolonged illness or not they refused saying that she has never faced any illness throughout his life but many times she told me that she has been mentally depressed for almost three years and took medications too. She falls fainted everyday now.
      ‌one day her father threatened me to beat up my whole family and even threatened me to file a case against me.

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      Do you have any valued evidence for her all this torture?

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