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      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am 498a victim along with few more like DV etc…

      Right now i am at bangalore and far from the place where 498a has been filed.

      i have come to know that i might get arrested soon.

      I Got married 3 years back.

      5 months back she wanted to go to her parents house rajasthan saying she is not feeling good here.

      I denied her becaz few days back only my parents left from bangalore after visting us. They had stayed here for 1 month and during this month she created scenes, she never liked them staying here in bangalore.

      Some how she left to native after getting Ticket from her parents. ( I did not buy her ticket as i was not wanting her to go).

      but she as my responsibility i went to drop her to airport and came back after confirming her safe arrival there with her brother.

      After that i wanted to talk to her many times but she never responded my call.

      then i thought its becaz i was opposing her to go to her parents.

      When i went to take her back to Bangalore 4 months back, she didn’t want to talk to me and started accusing me for so many things for which i was shocked.

      That time i did not know that they are preparing for 498a.

      I went to her house 2-3 times, but when i knew abt their police/court action i stopped going and came back to bangalore.

      She had gone to woman cell for filing FIR with court notice forcing women cell to file the case.

      My parents went to some high profile genuine social people too to settle this and keep my married life going, but things stuck becaz my in-laws and wife wanted me to be there.

      1.5 months back i went again to sort out the things. We both met discussed all her demands and problems.

      for few we were agreed and wanted to continue the life together, We use to meet everyday discuss the same things again n again it went on for almost 18-20 days.

      Then i had to come to Bangalore for work.

      My in-laws and wife keep changing their demands becaz of their lawer’s or other infuences.

      for almost 3-4 months we are trying to settle this out of court.

      But now with her demands (might be very wrong intention) which i am unable to ful fill.

      This case is going to next stage which is arresting me and my parents. ( not sure if this called as action from women cell).

      Her demands are like

      1. Money deposit ( 10 lack to her personl account, which we could negotiate to 3 lack as joint deposit).

      2. her personal locker with all the Jwellery. ( we never objected for this as these belongs to her)

      3. Monthly pocket money. ( she keeps changing the amount 10,000-20,000) which i can ‘t afford, but i was agreed to give what i could)

      4. My Job transfer. ( in realistic way which is very tough for me but for my marital life i was agreed do this too)

      5. One room,kitchen with personal lock in my parents house ( in written with agreement ).

      -I Can’t force my parents. As they are generous enough to let her come and stay without putting her personal lock to any room and no written.

      -i was agreed to have separate house if at native.

      6. She wants all the expenses to be carried while she is studying from her parents house. ( Which i agrred thinking no girl would like to ask moner from parents after marriage).

      During these 3 years of marriage i visited 5-6 times my native. ( our native are same)

      and my parents visited only twice.

      Now i would like to know being in bangalore and 498a filed in rajasthan, are there chances of getting me arrested here?

      What action should i take here?

      now this time period ( 24th Dec 2010 to 3rd jan 2011) being holiday/vacation period i am suggested not to go to native?

      Do i have same threat( getting arrested here too)?

      I might sound bias to her somewhat becaz we had very good time after marrige, but now the situatin has changed and i am unable to admit this.

      Plz help me with your wise advice.



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      Can you ask her to give whatever her demands in writiting.

      and if you are together make a audio tape talking about dowry, as you took / demanded if any which will helpfull to you when you counter 498A,

      if you are sure if 498A filled in rajastan you can write to police asking them to do investigation about dowry demand if any.

      and no need to worry if you are not taken any dowry.

      you can call our Bangalore numbers if you want to discuss in details.

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      what number should i contact?

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      Dear friend,

      if all are the true facts as you have stated, then it is proved that your wife is trying to extort to you & your family, if so, it comes to know that she is not willing to continue her matrimonial relations with you, it may be under the influence of her parents. It will be better to you to get free from her & you file divorce petition , & protect your self by taking advantage of anticipatory bail. You have no need to be worry. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      Thanks Dr. Dsouza and Adv.Kachave.

      I would take your advice seriously.

      But My lawyer ( At my Native said its difficult to get Anticipatry bail becaz the case they have put is very strong with long list of jewels, household stuff and other allegations.

      This 498a is against me, my parents.

      Thanks a lot again.

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      No worry, they can put mile long list of jewels. just file a RTI with Income tax of Your Beloved Father in law from where he got that much money to buy all that jewels.

      once It officers after him that long list turn small chit.

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