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      i got married this year feb,it was an arranged month after the marriage she started picking fights,on petty issues.something or the other..blame that i look at other women,sometimes that i am not good in bed..sometimes that i dont understand what she says..sometimes that i am not able to fulfill her expectations,sometimes that i am impotent.though i have proved this incorrect medically.still she left her matrimonial house after three months and is not willing to come back till date.i have tried patching up but she doesnt agree to come back and is neither asking for separation,now i want a separation as nothing is left now she has also now taken away all her belongings to her maternal parents have discussed separation with her family as well,however they are quiet on this as well.i am apprehensive of the fact that they might make false accusations as they would want alimony.I am also apprehensive that she might cook stories and approach women cell as well.i have heard women cell does not trust the boy’s side of the will i be able to prove that we never asked for any dowry/there was no domestic violence etc..whatever she might cook..seeking your advise

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      Today i had a fruit but it was sour than one i had yesterday.


      if a women says you are not good in Bed, she should have better experiecne before…..! i am not telling she has Affair, but its a logic anyone can think off.

      make a list of all her alegations, also report it to polcie that she left you, give them in writting and take copy signed by them.

      if you are calling her and talking, record it and discuss all matter, about dowry and DV, as you are telling her there was no domestic violence, which can be used as proof in future if any.

      and file a RCR

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      Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for advice.Just wanted to clarify is there a possibility that I will have to give alimony also..Honestly speaking I am going through tough times.Already the savings we had we spent on the marriage,and whatever jewellery we gave her she has already taken away to her maternal house.Can she force me to pay alimony?

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      Sir my family demanded no dowry from them and none of my family members ever lay a hand on her,instead we have been buying her gifts etc and taking her out to keep her happy still she holds angst against me and my family she hasnt stayed with us

      for more than 3months and she everytime a family member contacts her and ask about the issue she cooks up another story along with the fact that i cant satisfy her and confuses them.

      Also,It has come to my notice that she herself has been consulting a lawyer and everytime we try to talk to her she picks up a fight and start shouting blaming me for her unhappiness.I do not wish to continue this relationahip anymore but I am afraid that if i’ll initiate a divorce i will have to pay too much which is very dificult given my financial situation.Her family also doesnt care and try to resolve the differences, she doesnt have a father only a working mother and a younger brother,would that increase my liability towards her financially?

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      Alimony is counted from your earning and she can get upto 1/3 of it.

      but you can defend it if she run away from your home and refuse to stay with you.

      If she is educated

      If she is/was working or has any other financial support.

      it is better call our helpline numbers of your city(if any or nearby) and talk to our members, they will guide you.

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