bhabhi files falae 498a Please help!

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      Hi all,

      I can understand the pain everyone is going through on this forum as our family is one too!!


      We are a small family of 5, Mother, Father,Me (eldest), only Brother and youngest sister.My brother is 23 yrs old working in UAE and father is also in UAE going to retire in next 2 months, I am married have a 2 yr old kid and happy in my family in US.

      Brother got married happily on 14th feb 2010, but the girl was 9 days younger to complete her 18th birthday anyways on the wedding night drama started and she acted as if she is not feeling well and talked with my brother in private that she needs 2 months time to make any physical relation with him my brother said ok as both are young and he thought may b she need time to adjust(we were not aware of their this personal talks until recently).We celebrated valima reception party on 16th feb and then celebrated her birthday on 23rd feb everyone was happy in our family. Marriage was solemnized according to muslim law.

      My brother flew back early on 5th of march as there was his job problem they were going to fire people from company so my father went back later on 10th of march. I stayed a month and few back to US on 6th of april, in between we went to make her passport so that she could stay with our bhai so later when we told her see bhabhi as u were not 18 years complete its bit hard we feel so she told us its not that hard what if I change the date to 25th of feb, we said ok if its like that, she changed the date in groom side nikahnama and not in her copy and we thought ok now we could proceed with the passport work at that time we didnt had any idea what going on in her and her mothers mind.My mom made her back account deposited money in it as the passport agent told that he need passbook copy to proceed for passport work. We celebrated her birthday, we have all pictures everything she acted all good.

      Later when I left to US, my sister got hospitalized as she was so sick starting after the valima ceremony she got typhoid and then joindis.she is shivering and shaking on the hospital bed while my bhabhi went to her mothers house and planned fake allegations on us as they thought this is the right time now no one is there except my mother and my sister who is also in a hospital.

      they cam along the police in hospital and took my mom along them to police station. My mom didnt understand whats going on so later she explained everything to the officer and they beahved good to my mother as they saw our condition there so he just asked to surrender passport and left my mother asking to give all her belongings back, my mother gaved back everything which was written.In the matter of gold she took away all her gold and what we gave in engagement and then she took gold bangles which we gaved her in shaadi and lied to the officer that her aunt gaved those bangles, so the officer kept bangles with police staion as it is on dispute now. they brought a big crowd to our flat and made so much insult and comments in front of everyone in this hassle n bassle she took advantage and took the bag of documents which had all her originals,copies, affidavit, passport work things and our nikahnama original copy too. Mom realized this later.

      She made many section so far i am aware of 498a…she told police wala that

      -We gave her 20 days old food to eat.(she dont know how to cook food or anything but who keeps 20 day old food at home, all lies)

      -We beat her up in bathroom to get 5 laks dawry from them.(we live in flat there are many neighbours, could it be possible that we beat her and hse didnt shouted nor she had any marks or anythingon her body)

      -We make her stand in sun for 2 hours for some work outside.(no one does that, why didnt she complained thn)

      -We make her press our feets for 3 hours.(its all alie)

      -My brother has other girl so they dont had any realtion(to make my bhai look bad as he accepted her words on 1st night)

      -We dont give her money for ricksahw.(she always had so much money in her purse that she could feed her mothers family twice a day)

      -We asked her wake up at 4 am in morning and pray and after that bring bread for breakfast.(she didnt even made a single cup of tea ever what can we expect)

      She told almost every lie she could head to toe to make us look bad. My mother is a blood pressure patient she cant walk for long how can she beat her.I tell you everything she tolldd there was wrong.

      Beleive me all, we are not such poeple. I am crying while writing all this as my mother prepared for this wedding for last 2years and now they just used us. I get all past flashes how she use to look good and innocent in front of everyone. I am scared my mom is alone and if there is someone who shows her some wrong way they are trapped then.Anywys they are going to get bail tommorow as it is monday so then ammi will look for some good lawyer who we could look upto, who will understand our problems.

      Please help us, advice us, and let me know if there are any good lawyers out there in thane city.

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      what should we do first divorce(talaq) or this case?

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      We do not recomend any lawyers, as there are lawyers in our Group who can guide you accordingly; if you are comfortable with them you can appoint them, its upto you.

      We do not advice on what had happend in family, we need what is there in FIR, what section they applied.

      Please let us know; if she wrote they gave you dowry.

      You can counter all her lies, You can ask her to produce medical certificate / some witness for what she has written;

      You can file RTI with Police to get Police dairy details and proofs she produced to Frame charge sheet.

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