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      My name is Dr. Chandan Working as Ayurvedic Medical Officer under haryana Govt. Posted at faridabad. I have respected and well paying and secured Job. I

      have been married since 5 yrs. We had a girl child of 3.5yrs. I had average type of relation with my wife since marriage, my wife being struck in his own world of childishness, never allowed to speak to any females or female colleagues as she says she has afffair broken before marriage so she always type of extra dominance over me. so far compromising and adjusting atleast for sake of lovely daughter has been part of my life. she is also doing job as lecturer private college. During these yrs we had numerous struggles and fights.

      Our parents also not happy with each other as disrespect towards each other as base reason. I have been extra attached to my daughter as almost 95% of her works are being done by me as flexible job timings allowed me to do so and so is the life for me. Me and my daughter . Last week we are arguing aat some point to wich she started beating child brutally out of frustration. I tried to avoid her but mistakenly slapped her to which she gets very annoyed and after 3 days when I go to my daughter scool to get her after dayboading but teacher says she has been taken by her mother at noon. I find her missing and my daughter. I enquire bout them but somehow I find she and my daughter is with her mother. She also sends me sms she donot wants to continue with me. Her mother also don’t allows me to meet my daughter.

      1My question Is Is there any Law by which I can take my daughter back?

      2 What does law says for custody of daughter before divorce?

      3 Does any parent can take child without consent of other?

      4 If Yes Can I can take my daughter by same way as she does?

      5 Plus I wants to take final custody of my daughter what are the positive and negitives for me.

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      Dr. Chandan, your story some how matches mine. I too belong to Faridabad.

      You may send your contact no. to We can discuss your issue one 2 one.

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      You can file visitation; Even Father is natural guradian, till 5 years of age Court is not considering child to Father.

      try to get visitation and other things will follow.

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