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      Leo Bangalore227

      If the wife has take away the kid out of bangalore during child custody case steps to followed :
      1. Start Sending Gift online in the name of the child
      2. Start sending money orders in the name of the child
      3. File application u/s G&WC 44 & 45
      4. If the wife is not appearing to family court for G&WC Case file application for Cost and summon her to family court
      5. Try to talk to judge as much as possible with proper submissions
      She might file DV or 498A from her home town approach the area police station and submit the case copies to the station in charge mark copy to SP.
      6. Try to keep as much child health records and doctor prescription.
      7. If the child is attending court present him gift in front of the honorable judge.
      8. If the child is attending court kindly pass over the case and request the judge that you want to spend some time with the kid.

      1. Never approach any of her relative
      2. Never try to wonder near her home
      3. Never try to call her
      4. Stop All communication from your wife
      5. If she is trying to chat you on whatsapp try to take her submission that criminal cases she filed are false.

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