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      My wife used to beat my son when he was merely a year old.

      She used to forcefully put food in his mouth to save her own time while feeding. She took a job and left

      him with me, when he was just 2.5 years old, and started staying in a women hostel as she though she may not be able to take the liability of caring him and job both. She used to tell job is her first priority. after 9 months staying outside when she feared I will take some legal action she came back promising that she will make everything ok. Then her mother turned up one fine day and she with her mother filed false FIR (498a) after 5 years of the marraige. She then withdraw my son from the very good public school and started sending him to her own school. She gave affidavit in the school for getting transfer certificate. When my son was sick many times in those 9 months she never cared to come back to my house. I had to care for everything of my son and played role of mother and father both. Now she is keeping him with her in some slum type area without any facility. He used to have accesses to child play area in my layout and used to do sliding and swinging etc. My wife is expecting me to bow on my knees and go to her ignoring all FIR etc. She tells me that for sake of child she expects me to go to her and give in writing that I will not harass her for Dowry and will not beat her. I have never done this and she is asking me to confess for what I have not done. It is too risky for me to stay with her even for sake of the child. So asking for your legal opinion, in what way should I present my interim custody case? I will also be applying for full custody case

      I am able to spend 4 hours with the child in presence of mother every sunday, this visitance order I got from court.

      There is going to be arguments on interim custody soon. I have proofs of her staying outside for 9 months and and medical prescripttions of the doctor where my child got sick. He goes to day care now whereas my parents used to care for him after his shcool. My wife is a very cruel lady, she and her mother used to threaten me that they will kill my son when he was very young. I do not have any evidence for it. So I am already scared what she will do with the child in future. Though child seems to be ok with her for 9 months. But she take him to all sort of violent hindi movies with her and does not care what effect will be on him. she has scared him and brain washed him so much that on meeting him I get surprised to hear certain things from him, which only old people can speak. She control him by her eyes movements.

      I would like to know what is chance of my getting interim custody. Will I get partial custody where atleast in each week he stays with me for 3 -4 days and goes back to her mother. I am so much concern about his mental health as she is spoilinig his mental health to great extent.

      03 June 2010, 15:38

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      Dear friend it will be better to file divorce petition & proceed it, be free from your wife, if she lodged complaint try to quash before High Court. 9821387099, 9224799546

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      The Mediation failed in family court. So the case will again start at the court. I have been waiting eagerly for getting my son custody atleast for the weekend and his holliday vacation. There is already interim custody application in the court.

      I would like to know what is going to happen in next few dates? All formality were over.Since april 2010 My case

      has not gone ahead and only mediation happened.

      My Lawyer says now there will be appearance in the court. So one date will go on this and I will get another date.

      I feel very bad just to see my son for 4 hours on sunday. If I start getting his custody I will be able to fight divorce case as well as 498a case without any pain.

      I feel the Laws are totally against father, father does not have much right to look after his son ?

      Kindly advise me how to get more and more custody of my son?



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      Kindly advise me for my son’s custody? I have already posted my case. It is one year since I filed divorce case

      and just have got the 4 hour visitation to my son on every sunday. I have applied for his interim custody too but

      nothing has happened and have got new date each time. Will I get the interim custody ? How much more

      custody I will get? India seems to be very stupid country where Just Maa is important in eyes of law. Maa can be a criminal and can do anything with the child after legally kidnapping him from the father. And Law does not help father and does not care even if child becomes fatherless. Why not become a criminal in this country where only criminals are getting prospered.

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      Which Place your custody case is running;

      Father will get visitation and take him home for holidays.

      may be your lawyer is not good; let us know which court, so we can advice if we have better lawyer. as you wrote you can produce all about mother to prove your claim and fight your intrim custody.

      after all its upto to child to go with whom

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