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      Dear all,

      no need im also victim fighting since last 2 years. 498 is @ to finish from my side as she cud not produce evidence. 125 also likely to be in my favour wherin only son will get maintainance not she as she is professionally qualified. The details of all these will let u know once verdict is placed on table. Considering this, she is trying from my relatives to pressurise me so that i’ll agree to bring her back. However, she is still behaving in two faces means, telling relatives that she is willing to come back. but in front of court she is denying n telling all the bla bla bla false statements. I strongly feel not to bring her back. but she is telling my parents through relatives n her advocate that if we didnt brought her back, she may go for filing some other cases. I dont have any faith in her. if she can file 498, if she can tell all the false n wrong statements only for sake of her ego, then she can do anything afterwards. bt relatives n parents are not willing to consider my feelings.

      i need a legal opinion from all experts.

      — what should i do?

      — what r the implications in bringing her back?

      — is there any example where wife has done cases after coming back home again after 498?

      — how to convince everybody? i kno, only i can convince all, bt i need guidance from u all.

      — how can i legally tell that she can not be brought back?

      — what rules to be followed if she is brought back

      — what are the things to be executed before doing anything in this regard.

      please provide me detail information as early as possible.

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      As you wrote, as you won 498a (almost) why to take risk again.

      she burnt her hand SORRY face already and she wounded poisonous snake, Do you still want to keep it with you.

      If i am in your shoes, i will never dare to allow her shadow fall again on me.

      She may try something else, if she come back again and she may stab herself and tell you stabbed her, this is from my own experience as my ex told so.

      it is better to keep her where she is now. let her file any other cases, we are with you to fight against such misuse and abuse of Law.

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      I fully agree with Dr. Dsouza. He is absolutely correct. Whatever you do, dont ever bring her back or live together with her, in fact dont even live near her home or area considering the fact that you told that she is still behaving in two faces. Because as Dr. Dsouza said that if she again resorts to some tactics and implicates you in some other false case, then my dear brother, you have had it. Since you have won 498a, you can state in court that since she has lied to the judiciary itself, you are apprehensive that she wont again repeat it. Even if she files n number of cases against you, you have the judgment of 498a in your favor which you can always use for you vindication. Better still consult your attorney about this and some other legal experts.

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      Dear friend, If you are facing 498(a), & feel that she will not stay with you faithfully, then it will be better to you to file divorce petition & start fresh life.

      9821387099, 9224799546.

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      Yes I agree with you all,

      firstly the result of my 498 has not yet come… but during the prosecution and behavior of judge my lawyer understood n told that the case is in our hand and the verdict will be from our side….based on 498 i can quash (may not be correct word, bt finish) 125 also, as 498 is false….I’m very clear that i cant live with that unfaithful lady…..the only thing i can do is to show some such examples so that my relatives can also feel the pain n agony what I’m feeling…….she is trying to pressurize my parents. I being the only son of parents, they r afraid of my future so they also come in her tune……inspite of being rolled in 498.

      can u please provide any such examples where X- 498 wife, took advantages n did illegal things so that her in-laws or husband came into problems…I know you will all laugh at my these comments. but plzzzz help me in this….she is not going to give me divorce as she already told everybody…….n i also feel the same that she will not agree for divorce atleast so early so not applied for divorce yet….I cant apply for restitution of conjugal rights, as she may come immediately. so i want to punish her legally. with your such examples I can convince my parents @ the worst future that may come if she is brought back. As everybody know, this is the best forum which gives the best consultation n citation in all types of legal activities. The judgments which I got from this forum @ 125 are also helping me to convince the 125 court that false cases n professionally qualified women r not getting maintainance. so I may get maintainace for child only as my lawyer says..

      so kindly help n guide me in this situation.

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      keep confidence in you. your relative not going to live with her. it syou have to live with nagin for 14 hr a day. with in four wall how such wive only husband can understand. but her cannot express in word . you don’t need to convince to anybody. take a decision on your own. work on maintenance case. try to she should not get anything.

      after geting IPC 498a trail you had not got lesson. again she file any case after coming then again you will fight t he case .. Unto how many years you will not take the decision.. learn to live the life without wife. wife is not an essential part of life. wife is not need to complete the mens life. 498a wife is bloodsucker like leach.

      when you marry you donot know Law depth.. correct !!

      nOw you know the depth of Law and Judges and Lawyer Still you want to live with Wife >> i wonder……

      in two faces of wife What she is behaving before court is true face !! rest all her faces are dummy to save her images in Society. Keep the attitude to fight Back…. incourt.

      w===>Nagin is like CD in CD player . which has multiple remote controls. one control is with her Lawyer. anather must be wither parents. one is with who have given suggestion of 498a !!! and you want to play that CD in your CD player properly…>> manually.

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      My lawyer advice me to divorce her immediately after she filed 498a & DV. In fact, she tried to comeback to me through relatives (same as in your case), but my lawyer warned me that once she come back, she can file again 498a with strong charges on me & my family. I stood strong as I want to live my life & enjoy every moment, so I divorce her immediately (as per Muslim law). Now the case is in progress.

      My sincere advice to you is, live life as you want, not what others want. Stand strong to yourself. Give the slap to everyone by taking your own decisions, divorce her, get another girl with proper research (her mental situation & family background). Have faith in God and start new journey. Good luck to you.

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