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      Dear Rekhji.

      Let me tell you from the marriage of their whatever she wanted she got by hook or by crook.She wanted to be separate with my brother she got.She didnot want to come down to our house its ok.She didnot allow initially our child(My bother’s baby)to visit her own house we accepted.Moreover she is not happy with my brother also.Do you know why??because whatevr she want you must give,if you dont you will get punished.Moreover can you believe that she filed 3 times case agaisnt my brother in local police station.What this means??Even once she hurted my mother in front of her mother and my parents had to leave that place.That situation happened when my parents went to my brother rented house where he is working,Actually they didnot want to go there but my brother forced them due to illness of my sister in law.At that she had an minor operation,appendix.Even whatever she steal that not from our own house that from either shop etc.Even recently she made false sign & withdrawn 20000.Now we are tried enough & we suffered a lot.She only loves her self.from last 15 days without saying anytbing to my brother she went to her own house & without caring that her child can face problem as she recently admitted to school.So wht will you say??

      Dear Dsouza

      Please provide me the contact number of your voulunteers in Assam & in Orissa.

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      Mrs. Gogoi 09435548142

      Ranjeet 09435558618 Guwahati

      Bishwajeet 09435598383 Nagoan

      Bhubaneswar Tarun Kumar Dass 09853216066

      as posted in group

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      Dear Sir.

      They have filed 498 act agaisnt me,my brother & my parents of age 70 & 65.They have mentioned we asked for car & 5 laks Rs and as her family didnt give my brother closed her in a bathroom.They filed that case once they got letter fro judicial separation from court.Please suugest.Even our lawyer is not telling us what to do??Please suggest any lawyer in Guwahati or orissa who we can ask for advice.How we can stop local media not create unnecessary hype as her mother got a friend who runs a local news paper

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      “She didnot allow initially our child(My bother’s baby)to visit her own house we accepted”-

      you said you are living separately with parents and your brother and sister-inlaw are living in separate house.

      what do you mean by OUR CHILD- child is of your bother and sister in law. you are relative/dependents of your brother. you said initially she did not allowed their child to visit your parents home, did she allowed later. How old was the child then? Do you/parents interfere in their daily life? you/your parents seem to be very protective about your brother. most of the matrimonial problems/conflicts happens only if there is a interferance. if they have a child so they had a good time together also.

      if she is fraud or a thief can you prove it in court. what type of things she stole?

      when you are sick & suffering you need peace you prefer to see people you love and care. did your brother inform her that they were coming to see her. was there any argument?

      what was your & ur brothers role when your parents were hurted. did he/u not intervened??

      once you have sent a judicial separation papers why will she still stay with your brother. obviously she will move out with minor child and if she has admitted child in the school it shows that she is concerned about the child and every child has to be educated.

      one needs to understand real story of both side to give right advice.

      cruelity either by woman or man should be condemned.

      now the case has already been filed.. fight it back.. and you have no choice.

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