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      In December, I was invited by a News Channel to be part of a show on Parent Alienation where I was one of the three fathers who had expressed the grief of being away from our kids owing to separation from Spouse. Just by looking at the promo of that show (where no defamatory comments were made against my spouse or her family), my wife posted a Tweet on her account calling me a Criminal, Wife & Child Beater, Hypocrite and Man of a Criminal Nature, while the Domestic Violence case is pending in Mahila Court, Tis Hazari for proceedings and judgement. Due to this Tweet and one of her previous comment on my Facebook Business page in April 2020, my close friend has stopped communicating with me and my prospect clients have denied to avail my Professional services.

      I want to file Criminal Defamation case against her. Please advice if the above points hold good grounds to file the case and get her punished in IPC 499, 500.

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