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      CrPC 127 case matter

      Wife’s maintenance rejected, paying to both daughters- 3000/month from 8-2012.
      Not giving visitation even order passed.
      Fighting party in person.

      In 127 now stage is of my evidence.

      Now what should be my step in court proceedings? Technical question.

      What should be my deposition with must highlighted specific points?

      Which judgement I can use ?

      Wife has given false statement in her deposition on oath, how can I take benefit of that?

      Wife has filed false complaints too? And I have proof that her complaint is false. Video recording I have. How can I use ?

      Where I will see reply of this? Or reply ?

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      Court take seriously about False Affidavit or statements if you prove it effectively.
      Also show even after paying Child maintenance, you are not allowed to meet child. thats contempt of court
      search on mynation for the word
      Contempt of court
      unclean hands
      child custody to father

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      What to do about my deposition?
      My parents filed 125 ..
      I am paying 18000/ pm as maintenance.
      That is genuine for medicine n maintenance.

      Should I show this to court as this is mutually agreed order and passed by court ?

      As well what other expenses I can show or I must highlight.

      At the time 3000 passed salary was 9000

      Now salary 31k so how and what should be my strategy?

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      u hv to show deducting your earlier maintenance order to count for wifes maintenance

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