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      Hi i am Priya. I reside in Rookee,Uttranchal. I got married in Feb 2007. But unfortunately my marriage finally came to an end after one year. The main reason was repeated demands of huge cash or a flat in Delhi with a luxury car. But i belong to a middle class family so my parents could not fulfill my husbands and his family’s demands. All this led to their frustration and anger to such an extent that they brutally beated me up, insulted and gave severe dirty abuses. My husband had several times thrown me out of the house with a threat to get me murdered soon.

      I filed a divorce petition under section 13 in april 2008. But in nov 2009 in some corner of the court his family members assaulted ma father physically n threatened to close the case…So after seeking proper advice we filed a FIR with reference to past records of husband and in-laws behaviour with me. Then after filing FIR they had sent some man 2-3 times to my father to threaten him to face horrible consequences if I do not withdraw the FIR. But i did not because i want to fight for my rights.

      The husband’s family had then fooled us by saying that they are ready to mutually agree n close the case. They agreed to pay me 12lacs and my belongings. But they refused to return all of my gold.. i still accepted the deal. But later we came to know that they were just buying time for filing quashing of FIR to high court. So they finally got the stay order.

      Now the situation is…due to their expert lawyers…the section 13 case didn’t start at all. The proceedings have begun now after 2 years in jan2010. In criminal case the charge sheet has been filed by the police in first week of Feb 2010(acc. to my knowledge). The husband is saying if he gets arrested now he wont give me a single penny for my permanent alimony.

      I am not working right now because i don’t want to go out and meet people. I have withdrawn myself from society. And entire burden of my maintenance and court fees has come on my parents. So i want my alimony. I have filed for a guinuine amount of 15lacs with all my gold and belongings.

      Now i dont know what will happen now in both the cases…whatever lawyers we hire…they bribe them.

      I am in severe depression because i am not getting justice from anywhere. nobody is helping me. I am all the time in fear what if they get me or family murdered or do some harm to them.

      Kindly provide guidance and help.

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      I have gone through your matter , you may expidate your matter by filing petition before the High Court and the matters will over soon.

      9821387099, 9224799546

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      Thank you Sir for ur response. I have already taken high court jurisdiction for completing the case early. They are slowly working on it. But the question revolves around the thing that in my marriage and after expenses and gifts n all…my parents have lost around 20lacs..So it would be really kind of you to suggest a way to get atleast some portion of lost money.

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      You can produce list of Sridhan which is held by husband family; and threat to life and calls can be recorded and produced to court or police and can be asked for protecion and take action.

      you can ask Intrim maitenance till you get final judgment and also travle and other allowences of Proceedings.

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      Well, i had already asked for interim maintenance and litigation expenses a year back. But i ve received none so far. His monthly income is over 70-80k. But in the court he has shown that he earns only 10k out of which only 4k remain with him after his monthly expenses. I dont want huge amounts from his salary…just some % so that i can reduce the financial burden on my parents which they are continuously bearing for me.

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      Dear Priya,

      How does one sympathize with you ? We are here in this group, because we face what you are facing for years without anyone’s sympathy or pity. We are arrested, looted and blackmailed, because we happen to be decent men. You have met your match in your husband and you still want money.

      We men give money in every case, even where it is not deserved and nobody wants to listen to our depressions and withdrawal from society symptoms. Unlike you, we can’t sit in a room and expect somebody to bear our expenses, ask for alimony because our marriages have not worked out. We have to go out to work and somehow take care of ourselves and our families.

      So get real, my dear and go out and get a job. Maybe you would be more deserving of sympathy for a bad marriage if you do so. And you may not need your husband’s money also, thus saving you a bunch of hassles.

      warm regards

      sanjay mehra

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      Yesterday i wrote one side or reply saying what a harassed women can get.

      Please refer for the judgments where it says…..

      Educated / capable and women who left husband home will not get any money….

      May be thats why you did not got any intrime maintenance.

      We seen many women desert husband but they falsly claim husband kicked her out.

      They run away with husbands all valuables still they claim husband kept her gold and valuables.

      They falsly claim they are threatened

      and also say husband family Bribe Police / Lawyer / Judge.

      If You are a real Victim then prove it with Proofs you will get Justice.

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      I think you are mistaken Sanjay mehra and Mr. crusader. We are not asking for alimony infact we are asking for the money which our parents beared on marriage and the lumpsumps which they gave my husband so that marriage could sustain. In total my parensts have given him 5 lacs and plus our expenditure for marriage was 15lacs. And still we r not asking full money. So after that too i should be thrown out, abused, beaten up and then deserve no compensation. My husband wanted me to marry because of my status n only daughter….greeds.

      When you guys cant understand my situation i think i was a fool to believe that such forums have genuine and real understanding from our fellow citizens.

      I didnt desert my husband infact he did. I had filed for interim maint late because i dint know such things are provided so i filed it a year later but then their expert lawyer didnt let it being accepted by the court. But now it has been after seeing my true evidents.So i guess soon it will be decided. But thanks for ur negative responses.

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      Dear madam,

      I have sympthy with your feelings, u dont blame this forum, mejority boys send their problems to this forum who are victims, so it is not need to blame the forum, if you are really have injustice at the instance of your husband, if you have to recover damages you may do so by filing civil proceeding or you have to file application before the family court.

      9821387099, 9224799546.

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      specific to your questions about marriage expenses and compensation of cruel marriage:

      1. there is no compensation to any party even if cruelty is proved… if it is criminal they could be punished or fined. The IPC 498a for cruelty on woman ends in less than 1% conviction. There is no compensation in that either.

      2. marriage expenses: there is no law or judgment where it has been returned to either party. REad HC judgment below:

      if you know of any judgment otherwise, let me know

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      do you know giving dowry is a CRIME under section IPC 498A equal to taking or demanding it.

      We comment not only based on your every words but from our experience and knowledge.

      We are not biased to anyone, we give both type of advice. it is upto you which one to take.

      coz we never know what happend in reality.

      we beleive in equality and Justice to all we are not like NCW or WCD. If we are biased then we would have deleted or moderated your post.

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      I agree that this forum is not biased. However, some people instead of offering support pass on contempt. Anyways, i have proofs of my husband’s mis-conduct. I have presented them in the court. Lets see how the cases turn up in my favour. I have full faith on Indian laws and justice of the courts. The truth will win ultimately.

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      hi priya,

      read ur seems you have got the wrong end of the stick.

      dont bother yourself with the comments made by people like SANJAY MEHRA. who feel all women are like their wives. they conveniently forget that their mother,sisters are also women.

      on reading your brief what disturbed me the most was:

      ” I am not working right now because i don’t want to go out and meet people. I have withdrawn myself from society. And entire burden of my maintenance and court fees has come on my parents. “

      do you knw what is the biggest burden on your parents, its not the money that they are spending…… is the look in your eyes,your sullen face, their biggest tension would not be the money, but your LIFE. spare a thought for them.

      forget the litigation suff for a while ( i know its easier said than done). for a couple of days just FORGET it, go out, have some fun, meet new people, keep a smile on your face, pamper yourself, nothing works like some harmless flirting. if you look closely you will realise how much r u loosing out on. just remember the life is passing you by, very soon you will be a tired, old , looser( forgive me for using that word). even if you get your alimony then what will you do of that?

      so dont bother too much about the litigation get a new life, a new job and a new a boy friend.

      as for your opposite side lawyer who is bribeing around your lawyers, what is his name. lets see if we can do something about it.

      my very good friend always tells me ” COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS”

      so get out and get going. You only live once. make the most of it.

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      All Fingers of your hand are not same; so you will get different comments from different people.

      As there are bitter women, you will find same kind of men too, and they comment as per thier experience.

      If you ask same question in some women forum, they will say;

      Forget your husband and past, go out find someone and Flirt,even if you are not legaly divorced. thats how women Advice, and you know how we Advice.

      Take whichever you likes it.

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      hi 498 a crusader

      i m facing 498a, 406, dv, 125

      what ever i suggeted priya is something i would suggest my wife as well. what i have told priya is to move on and not make this case the be all and end all of her life.

      the matrimonial litigations take so long to end because people have the feeling of being betrayed, hurt, wronged the idea of revenge just over powers gets so engrossed in this fight that he forgets the life is pasing him by. all the above negative idea poisons your soul and at the end of the fight there emerge two lossers ……….the spouses.

      i request who so ever i get in contact not to loose ones soul and integrity in this fight. at the end of this fight you shoud emerge as a winner even if you end up loosing money.

      there is this true story:

      a boy around 25 fell in love and married a 18 yr old girl. they had a kid after around 4 yrs they got seprated not legally. after a couple yrs the boy accepted it was his fault and apologised for it albit in a rude manner. the girl refused to go back and filed 498.the boy filed a divorce this boy was a rich chap he started managing his funds as he was afraid he might have to pay huge alimony. he didnt expand his business coz he wanted to save his money. he got in to bad company and kind of riuned him self not financially but internally.

      at the time of settle ment of alimony the judge asked the wife. beta this man has assets worth 10 cr how much do u want she said, nothing the judge said you have a child ,just reconsider your decission. she said i file an annual itr of 5 cr. i dont want his money.just imagine what would have gone thru that boys mind.

      that girl who got married before her graduation resumed her studies after sepration and elevated her self to a position where she had herself earnt so much that money didnt matter to her.

      she is still screwing him in 498a.

      tell me who was the winner.

      this a true story as told to me by a siffian. this boy is still around although i dont know his name or other details .

      so be positive and As my GOOD friend says “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS”

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      Hi honour,

      Its great to hear from you. Ur quotes were really motivational. Really appreciated by me. And i have some gud news for all my advisers and new friends –that i have filed for compromise today. Now i will move out to some relatives places for a break and a change to get a fresh start of life. Now soon i will work and meet people as suggested by ‘Honour’. And i still believe in the institution of marriage and hopefully will re-marry soon because one bad guy doesn’t spoil the repo of all guys in the world. I am now happy to know that God listens and people who adviced me here(all men…to my surprise) should get good lives ahead too. If anybody wants any kind of advice from me…i am willing to support.

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      I said “If you ask same question in some women forum”

      Where i said its you…..

      Its like chor ko ….. hope you know the proverb.

      and obiously women likes your cooment about FLIRT Even they are not Legally Divorced Right PRIYA ?

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      Most of us here and myself victims of False 498a or DV,

      i fought my Divorce for last 10 years without thinking about FLIRT even i was not in India.

      and After 10 years i got Divorce, and married again and Settled happily(so far)

      We have Bitter memories thats not mean that we are bitter to all women or we are not living happily.

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      Mr. Crusader why r u so negative? Even i m a victim. I gone through horrible and unbelievable times in my life still i m optimistic. Anyways for ur kind info i never agreed to ‘honour’s’ idea of flirt. I said i would legally re-marry. So mr. crusader read before you pass on comments. Looks like you have made ur environments too-bad for urself.

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      I was not reading mails of the group for long time and today I am surprised to know that this platform is advising bit…. to get back their money from boys spent during marriage (even if spent). What about the money spent from the boy’s side and have they spent it completely on bot or to fed their guests????? WHY expecting money from boy side or charging for ni..ts spent with him????? or was it dowry??? then send her to jail first. and you ppl are encouraging her in her act of extortion. WHY SHE WANT MONEY??????? Nobody is supposed to get back money spent on a party from any person but in case of marriage it has become the right of girl side to extort any amount of money from boy in name of expenditure incurred on marriage. shame on such people and persons on her side. Cant you people see she is talking again and again about HER PARENTS MONEY. nowhere about relations

      This platform seems no more against dowry or against legal extortion.

      sorry to read this topic

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      This is what you wrote….

      Now i will move out to some relatives places for a break and a change to get a fresh start of life. Now soon i will work and meet people as suggested by ‘Honour’

      Still u say im NEGETIVE ?

      Honour suggested to FLIRT; and you agreed saying meet people as suggested by ‘Honour’

      But now you say

      i never agreed to ‘honour’s’ idea of flirt.

      Which is TRUE ?

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      Mr. crusader..i wrote i wud go out to my relatives’ place…which means my uncles, aunts and cousins. Meeting people means my relatives and friends. Ghosh u interpret meanings so differently. Useless giving you explanations.

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      Mr. Sstggn

      I hope you read this well.

      We spent on roka ceremony 1.5lacs + engagement 5lacs + wedding expenses 7lacs + cash after marriage to husband 5lacs =18.5lacs.

      Litigation expenses –1.5lacs… total=20lacs.

      Husband spended on marriage—2lacs. (neither he bought any clothes for himself or me or gave any gold to me.)

      Marriage broke because of his greed for more money from my parents. Even if i ve lost 20lacs to him…still i am not asking that money….i am only asking now law to punish him and punish him for his greed and put him behind bars. Now that he realises that everything is against him…the law has realised he is the culprit so now he is ready to give alimony…which i ve refused to take…i am still deciding to fight the case and let justice prevail.

      So sstggn i hope you know how money is earned by poor parents of the girl. I think you ve no respect for one’s money. We were not asking his money. We were asking for his deed to be punished…he only said take money and we refused. The guy who abused me physically and mentally in public and his family …u think i should have feelings for him…yes i did..because i was after all this trying to adjust with him but he deserted me and ran away to some other city and didn’t return ever after that. When my parents tried to resolve the matter my father in law straight away demanded 15lacs from my father to his horror. As we could not arrange such amount so we simply contacted guardians of justice and law. So if you know some gud girls with such huge amounts of cash available and if you have sympathy for my husband then you can get them married to my husband after he finishes his jail term….any more doubts????

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      My dear, you talk as if it is only your marriage which has broken up not your husband’s. And such negative feelings. Please explain how you intend to move on with such a negative attitude. And at the end of the day, it really is all about money and revenge. Well then good luck to you. Please check in a year’s time and tell all of us what your negative, bitter and revengeful attitude has bought you.

      And if their demands bothered you so much, why did you not walk out at the first demand. You want your parents to buy you everything including love and marriage and threaten legal action when they can’t. Sad very sad. Here’s hoping for your f**lish parents sake that you turn out ok.

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      I think Sanjay Mehra..u should learn how to respect somebody’s parents. Behave like a grown up. We are here for discussing problems and not abuse somebody’s parents. Dare you call my parents as fool or i would report your name to the moderators. I pity you.

      As far as my case is concerned…read before you type …i mentioned yesterday that i ve already got my divorce…i m freeeeeeee now and ve got my DELAYED JUSTICE finally. This proves i was right…i m right.

      So check ur status dear. And stop writing in my thread..nobody needs ur offensive and biased opinions.

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      This lady earlier wrote :-

      I dont want huge amounts from his salary…just some % so that i can reduce the financial burden on my parents which they are continuously bearing for me.


      then she wrote

      We are not asking for alimony infact we are asking for the money which our parents beared on marriage and the lumpsumps which they gave my husband so that marriage could sustain. In total my parensts have given him 5 lacs and plus our expenditure for marriage was 15lacs. And still we r not asking full money.



      We spent on roka ceremony 1.5lacs + engagement 5lacs + wedding expenses 7lacs + cash after marriage to husband 5lacs =18.5lacs.

      Litigation expenses –1.5lacs… total=20lacs.

      Husband spended on marriage—2lacs. (neither he bought any clothes for himself or me or gave any gold to me.)

      So sstggn i hope you know how money is earned by poor parents of the girl.



      1. Boy is earning handsome amount of 70-80 thousand

      2. Girls parents are very poor

      3. Boy spent no money on marriage

      4. Girl’s poor parents spent huge amount of 20 lacs on boy only

      5. She does not want his money

      6. She wants to reduce the financial burden on her parents




      MY bit…’s parents are also poor but they loaned me a huge amount of 5 lacs for some unknown reason at some unknown time by unknown mode.

      Please call this girl in weekly meeting to get more truth out from her

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      Larki ke parents ki kamai HALAL ki aur LARKE ki HARAM ki

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      Now she claims she is already divorced

      in hrs she got divorce


      HAY Mr kutiyakakhasam larki us haram ki kamai ko HALAL ki kamai me badalna chahti hai

      kaise???? (LARKE KO HALAL KAR KE

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      Members who wrote on this post (excluding priya and kachave), can i talk to you in person, please?????

      contact me at or at 9024525558

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      Hi sstggn….read my post of yesterday….i said i have filed for divorce. I dont care what you say because i think the judges and law ruling the courts have the authority and jurisdiction to decide the matters. They have played their part…..and people like you do not matter to me.

      I demanded alimony earlier because my marriage was broken due to my husband’s fault and the law says husband who is a defaulter should maintain his wife. But i can maintain myself. But my poor parents who arranged money for my marriage…why should they suffer? I am not asking his money. I am asking our money which we gave him.

      If this little thing doesnt get into your head. Please continue to think what you want to. Your abuses show how weak are your morals and foundations. Great to know that people like you exist and this makes me more strong.

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      Dear moderator and administrator i would like you to please atleast check on the content of the posts that the members of this community post. I am really disappointed that people here are calling a girl’s parents as fools. The parents money as haram or halal…or whatever and they are abusing me literally with offensive words and remarks. If this has to continue….i would like to close my subscription because i have already got my justice and i thought i would clear and help others tooo but i guess i m wrong. I would never recommend this site to anybody now.

      i was here for advice and not to give clarifications. I think i have other better things to do in life than expect some knowledgeable content here. The law has fully supported me…i had all the evidences…the entire society knows who was the culprit…still these guys are confused. Its easy to sit here and pass comments. If you guys were so true why dint you all get justice like me. Its really sad to know that men are so close-minded.

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      hey priya

      good to know that u r moving on.

      u didnt tell the name of the lawyer of your ex-husband. my email id is

      hey guys r u alien to the concept of harmless flirting. its not like you are commited to some one or any thing. its like ” MORE THAN GOOD FRIENDS” i m sure a lot of us must have heard it from other girls. its a kind of relationship without inhibitions.and the emotional atyachar. its just enjoying each others company.

      i would request all seprated singles to try that out

      and guys i strongly feel that our wives should be HAPPY with their lives. because a happy person would realise the futility of these stupid litigation. right now most of them have become totlaly illogical they want to wreak revenge on us for no reason what they dont understand is that they are going down the path of MAD mutually assured distruction.

      always remember a happy person would be a SENSIBLE person.

      just imagine our 498a wives meet their Mr rights and want to settle with him wont that make them drop their cases in a hurry.

      so be positive and as my good friend says ” COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS”

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      Hi honour, well i m happy to know again that you support me with right intentions. These other people are treating me and abusing as ..Bit.. as if i m their real life wife. Their bad words did hurt me because now i understand why their wives left them. They are taking their life frustrations on me. What a joke! Well let them…losers are asking for people to form a club against a women here and i am alone fighting against them.

      But i was thinking….when my legal struggle is over with my husband…why should i now take any interest in arguing with these losers.

      Gud luck to you honour and kindly guide me to delete this thread…i have no time to sit here and get myself stressed up with non-sense.

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      u should not take their comments to heart. most of the guys here have shattered dreams, messed up lifes, and broken households. they are in a foul mood because their lifes have been brought to screeching halt. believe me they have nothing against you.

      its great to know that you are not following up the litigations and decided to compromise. the way i look at it is a failed marriage is not a crime its just a detour.


      and guys just enjoy ur selves. even if we loose some money LETS NOT LOOSE OUR LIFES. coz if we loose some money we might earn it back. but this time is never gonna come back. remember guys none of us is getting any YOUNGER in here.

      move on

      as my good friend says “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS”

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      I would appreciate if you can refrain yourself from the comments like

      “They are taking their life frustrations on me. What a joke! Well let them…losers are asking for people to form a club against a women here and i am alone fighting against them.”

      just to answer your doubt if we are forming a club against women then what would you call NCW (again run by Women) who has legally formed a club against men, who never raise there voice in case of woman who is poor and not from metro cities, who has shut their eyes and ears in case of Ruchika and Shruti. Where were they when Ruchika committed suicide. You know why this is because they are not concerned about woman who are in real trouble, they are also concerned about money they get from government.

      you can say NCW is a wife of Indian GOVERNMENT, where NCW treats Indian Government as their LEGALLY WEDDED HUSBAND, our hard earned money which we have paid in the form of taxes as their own property.

      TRUST me the day Indian Government say that they want to abolish NCW, you will see another DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE in PATIALA HOUSE .

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      Hi kutiyakakhasam,

      I am sorry i will not refrain myself from expressing my views…… atleast i am not abusing anybody like other genders. Infact i have decided to stop using this thread now. So please all of you suit yourself. The guys here were not bothered that i was

      1) beaten up

      2) abused badly

      3) thrown out of the house

      4) my parents abused and also beaten for money

      5) he has taken away all my belongings and gold

      6) they have sent some local Gundas to my father’s shop thrice to threat him to kill and saying that we are ready to accept your daughter if you give us 15lacs.

      7) those guys are still saying today even..,,,,,we can accept you if you give us 15lacs instead of 20lacs demanded intitally. Can anyone believe this?

      Alimony is the right provided by the law. I have demanded whatever …acc to law. Do i have no rights to ask my things back?

      But what my husband and his family did to me……it was in accordance to which law? Is mal-treatment allowed….in continuing with YOUR ARGUMENTS WITH ME…THE REAL CULPRIT IS ENJOYING HIS FREEDOM AND GAINING STRENGTH TO CONTINUE HIS FOUL BEHAVIOUR. i just hope he does not punish some other woman like me.

      All you guys have just stuck on alimony …if you dislike my opinion then question law …not me.

      Do you guys think its easy for women like me to go in the court where all sorts of men give you embarrassing and scornful looks?

      Do you think am i enjoying this?

      Do you think i was born to steal other’s money?

      i guess u guys wont understand… from now on i wont answer this thread because i dont see any sense in continuing here with biased people.

      When i logged in this site…i never knew…this was Legal terrorism and Gender biased laws Victims community. But once i started getting responses contradictory to my real life supporters then i noticed i have landed up in wrong place. Its you guys who made me feel that i am unwanted here. Forget about NCW and etc….the change starts with an individual…when you people couldnt understand and comprehend my situation…i cant imagine that you guys can do something big for this nation apart from accusing innocent people. Thank God you guys are not guardians of law and are just mere members of this community.

      Anyways keeping arguments aside, I wish all the men who responded and who would read this thread till the time its not deleted….. a bright and a happy future ahead.

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      We also feel the same way the way you are feeling now, now do u understand the pain of a normal man, who has to go through all this shit because they loved their wives, who gave everything, even sacrifice their own lives and desires just to keep our wife happy.

      You are saying this because you are also a victim like us.

      It really hurts when your spouse put wrong allegation on you by saying that FATHER TRIED TO POISON his own KID because kid is a girl child.

      Madam world is very cruel, all innocent people have to face all this (whether its a man or a woman)

      Priya i would suggest just go to women cell and see how police treats men there, no matter how many proves you have and how much evidences you produce, you get only 2 option HOW MUCH YOU CAN PAY, IF YOU CANNOT PAY THEN GO TO JAIL.

      See movie JAIL where one person asks other in a jail how you landed in jail, answer was “MERE KUTTE KO CHOR KE POORI FAMILY 498A case main andar hai”.

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      Can you reply my earlier mail that how come a poor man can spent 20 lacs??

      Can you tell what do your poor father do and how much he earns (monthly), total number of members in your father’s family

      without disclosing your personal details

      It is only you who say all about your in-laws who knows it is true or false

      same is what we people are facing from our bit…. half.

      I am not much surprised to know that you have great imagination power, which has been use against your inlaws and not being used against we people, as you say

      i cant imagine that you guys can do something big for this nation apart from accusing innocent people.

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      My father is a businessman sstggn. He is not poor. Poor —as stated by me doesnt mean financially. All the money which he lost to them…that made him no less but a loss is a loss. If you really think my in-laws are right then contact them and tel them to stop demanding 15lacs….we dont have it…and even if we had it…after seeing their foul and horrible behaviour …we will never agree to this

      to avoid separation we should give 15lacs. Last week also a gunda came to my father and said…”if i break your legs…then your family would become lame…and nobody would be able to fight the case” . I am giving here info in bits n pieces as demanded …so you are thinking that she is making up stories. Anyways…now my case is closed.

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      Hi Priya,

      Would like to highlight the following things in your story –

      1. You parents spent 20 LACs on your marriage which you are considering as a dowry and want a compensation in the form of Alimony to reduce burden on your poor parents

      2. You are no more working because u dont want to go out and meet people

      Now just think of the following obvious points arising out of the above 2 points –

      1. Paying Alimony as per Indian law is looked after as a duty of the husband to maintain the wife and has got nothing to do with the wife’s parents. So your justification of reducing burden from your parents doesnt hold good here.

      2. As you said you are no more working actually means that you were previously working and you are capable of working and earning on your own which you are not doing knowingly to gain the sympathy from Court.

      3. You said dat you are not working because you dont want to go out and meet people. Do you think this is a sufficient reason for a educated and capable woman like you for quitting her job ?????

      4. You say that your parents are facing a lot of burden while funding your court expenses and you expect your husband to understand that and pay you Alimony. I hate to say this but being a direct child of your parents it is first your duty to think of your parents and start doing your job and earn money again thereby supporitng them financially. You seem to be a very educated young lady and my suggestion to you is to quickly start utilising the education your parents have given you and its time for you to pay them back as well.

      Hope you will understand the above points and this way you will not have to depend on your husband for supporting your parents financially. First its your duty to do that.

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      If you don’t want listen others , means you don’t hv manner. If you are saying somthing , you should listen and understand his point also. Your parents spent 20 lacs and you want back. Tell me where is the money which your husband’s spent on your marriage. Who will return to them ? you ? Marraige expanse your parent and his parent spent for public not for your husband or not for you. Why your parent spent 20 lacs ? who told them for it?

      Any Demand was there ? if no , How can you ask for return marraige expanse. If yes , Why you agree for marriage with him (Greedy people ). If it was dowry , Why you and your parent agrred for Giving dowry ? why not you or your parent complaint in police that time ? This is the only matter of IGO. Sometime couples IGO not match and Marriage fail . Then Girls take reveange . Wht u think about ur husband ? he is ATM machine for you ? Y not you are going to forget him and live and let him live also. If you are educated girl why not you do somthing for socity (But you are going to spoil also).

    • #1294


      Dear Members Please restrain from abusing others;

      Everyone has right to exchnage their views and ideas.

      You can write, what you think right, without insulting others. and others take it lightly, what others think right is, may be wrong to you.

      Do not take it to heart. some may favor you some not,

      Here after BAD words are moderated Automatically.

    • #1295


      its hard to believe on all the blames which ur making on ur husband…..just like to get a job u need to have certain qualifications then only u’ll get that job. similarly to put men behind bars n haraash them against 498 there are certain conditions in laws that men or his family or relatives should have done so many listed things which u have listed above, then only 498 will be applicable..and i think all of the men in this forum and those who r victims, have done the same thing (as per their beloved wife) which u have said….so ur not telling anything different.that ur honourable judge also know all thiese, only thing is he is bound by the law which is only favouring women. 90-98% of the 498 caes are false. i wish ur case is not among them…………… it looks same…..

      so pls as told by other fighters, pls empower urself, be bold enough to stand on ur feets, go get ur own job, ur well educated, try to educate society against false 498. wth u’ll b getting after yrs of ur court struggle is ur so called pride. bt wht u loose is ur precious time of ur life which u wont get anytime. i hope ur age is between 25-28, so wht u ll be after 4-5 yrs of court struggle. just like u, ur husband is also having some money in his pocket which he may gave to our law, to langthen case anything can happen. wht u’ll be getting at ur age of 30 or 32 is victory against ur husband, his punishment, tht time u’ll be in heaven. bt socially u may have lost a lot

      god bless u for ur so called success.

    • #1296

      I do appriciate Priya for staying till end fighting the case and winning it. It do teaches us that if you have the faith that you did not do any wrong you will win to the end. And what Priya said is also try that Justice still prevails and there is still some thing left there that we are all staying in the society.

      But i also have a question to priya only if she respects the law and justice. If her husband has done mistake he is bound to get the punishment, But also the law says that giving dowry is also offense. So will she be ready to send her parents to jail for giving dowry. And is that not the reason why it ended up as compromise.

      Can you tell what the conditions you put and ur husband put together to put this to closer. And please give the truth as it will help many people on this forum to end this struggles and move on with there lifes

      As the world is too small nowadays and at the same time the life too. We are not against anyone priya all i want or anyone want is to move on in life if we cannot go together. Since tomorrow if you want to start your new life the person sharing should think that you have punished ur ex-husband and you may do the same to him and you end up living comparmised life from day one. I wont wish that. so please tell us your thoughts

      Sorry if i have written anything that hurts you. Its just my personal opinions.

      IF you see the West culture has gone through this 100years back and thats the reason why now they have equal laws for both women and men. Its not far that India also will come to that point, Best eg: is latest SC order that girl and boy staying together is not against law. This is there in western culture from long time. So its just matter of time but that rules will come and then you will have to give equal rights and respect to both men and women and that how the life should be.

    • #1297


      I dont know who is right or wrong

      Priya or her husband ?

      I am also not a judge to tell who is wright or wrong ?

      But forget the official courts, laws or judge , There is one person watching all of us almighty LORD , he knows what is right and wrong ? Nobody can betray GOD , he is watching and in his court he will do the justice.

      After all almighty lord GOD knows everything . so let GOD decide

    • #1298

      Dear Priya,

      Don’t be sad for any thing. if u ask for alimony than go for crpc 125.Before that know all about crpc 125. may be your hubby will say he earns very less but ask the court for Pan card(go pan card site and get his pan no). If he have business ask the court for trading doccument and tax clearence.If you are only univ. graduate than not a prob for alimony.But if u are highly qualified lady than may be you could not find any alomony.May be your dad is lakh poti but it’s your husbands duty to maintain you.But at 1st it’s need to prove that your husband get out you from his home.Don’t give him any divore.

    • #1299

      //I am not working right now because i don’t want to go out and meet people.//

      Wah re bhartiya nari….

      Kindly provide contact details of your husband…. you should be prosecuted under DP3..

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