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      I got married on 4th september 2008 by Matrimonial site, sikhmilan.com. The things were very bad just after marriage. My in laws came to our house and insulted us several times for not obeying them on whatever matter they say. This was quite disgusting to believe that they insulted us like we are animals. My wife is under complete influence of her parents. in first week of june 2009, her parents took her away from our home without asking us or talking to us. On 19 june 2009 my wife ran away from her married home to her parents home and since then never came back to home. Her parents and family members insulted me whenever i asked them to come and listen to us. My inlaws and my wife want

      1. Total control of my salary ( I am a s/w eng in Pvt company)

      2. Leave my parents and live with my wife in seperate.

      3. Accept all kind of abuses/whatsoever from my in laws.

      I didn;t talked to my wife since 19th June 2009. They have told me that they will file a case against me and will get me punished. They didn;t do that till date…may be because my wife’s elder brother and sister are about to be married in first quarter of 2010 or may be due to other reasons. Can anybody please tell me…

      1. Can my wife demand for compensation from court from me (like every month). If so what should i do. I don;t want to give her anything as she betrayed me badly.

      2. Secondly i have a girl child born from this marriage, what will happen to that? I haven;t seen her since she took birth in her mothers native place. She born on 22nd July 2009

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      Report it to police that she left your home without your notice and now she do not want to come back and also threaten you with case. so they should not tell you later that you kicked her out.

      If she took any of your valuables that also write in clear drafted letter and do not forget to make a copy and get it signed by Police

      File for Restitute conjugal rights and also for Child visitation.

      She can ask for maintenance from you for her and child, but you can deny if you prove she left her own, find such judgments here http://mynation.net/docs/sitemap/

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      Dear friend , u dont worry & dont think more, nothing will happen, After lapse of some time she will come to you & all will be oklay. Even though if she filed case against you it will be proved that she is not willing to live with you. After that immediately move for anticipatory bail & face the trial. You be busy in your job/business whatever thr.

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      Thanks for the reply. I spent 10 months with her and these months were very very horrible. My wife always abuses me and threaten me that she will not accept any kind of mistake from me. She will cut her nerve if i don;t obey her. Me and my parents were abused horribly by my inlaws several times. 8 ppl from my inlaws came to my office to insult me (as i didn;t responded to most of the phone calls that they were making).

      Not only this, my wife mixed up with those people with whom we had property disputes and cases are going on in court. Whatsoever i asked her not to do, she did. Whatsoever i taught her is good to be done, she never did. She moved opposite of exactly what i said.

      I am worried if i file divorce case then she may go for 498 and other. The people in between are taking revengue of us (Those with whom we have property disputes). They are mind washing my wife’s mind to come back. At present whoseover from our town talk to my wife. My wife cries and says she want to come back. On the other hand she insults my family members whenever they talk to her.

      I am completely sikh of her. I never wanted her back. What to do in this case?

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      Hi ,

      My friend, I have exactly same wife, i would pretty much call her 498wife as the case is registered on me.

      She doesn’t have her self decision , she is controlled by her parents, her parents wants to control the husband(son-in-law) , if you dont obey them , they will not tolerate.

      Girl doesnt have independant decision and she listen to her parents who are just senseless and dont understand the future of their very own daughter.

      Anyways be cautious , i am pretty much sure if things pro-long and if you dont bring her back then someday 498a will come.

      In my case they waited for 2yrs and i was ready to bring her back but couldn’t fulfill my in-laws vague demands and couldn’t cope with their ego so those insane ppl finally put a 498a despite we weren’t staying together for 2yrs

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      Hello ‘AlwaysTruth’

      in your case, did you have any proof/legal declaration/divorce case stating that you both are living apart for more than a year or so ? I think their 498a case should be weak as it is filed after a long gap, unless they are denying the gap. I thinking unexplained delay in FIR filing based on past incidents should be a ground to get the FIR quashed.


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