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      Dear Sir,

      I have a peculiar problem and I need your advice.

      Iam male- engineering manager by profession aged 39 christian(RC) tamil by birth and got married in 1997 july and male child born in 1999 august . We were not in good terms total incompatibility from begining and my major blunder was becoming a father which I thought would solve the problem.Problem and misunderstang aggrevated, and she harassed and mentally tortured me and in june 2003 she deserted along with the child and next day itself she got admitted to the PG-MCA course and the son was admitted to the school-LKG. within 2 weeks she had filed a police case in dowry section which fortunately was made known to us little earlier and we had filed a divorce petition hence all the problems of 498A was not faced.

      As I live in trichy there is no family court and case was filed in civil court and she had filed restitution of conjugal rights and it dragged on. In december 2006 the judge had called for reconciliation and she came to my home for christmas holidays-12 days stayed and I also tried all my best to restore life. But again when she went to her home as the son was schooling there and she was working as a lecturer in a local college she started behaving indifferently and a common relative of us told said she was” confused”, and she herself didnt reciprocate even basic phone calls and did not allow the son to talk to me.Again case went on and finally in jan 2008 the court said that divorce cannot be granted because of insufficient reasons. After that time passed and she didnt even bother to talk.Both of us were living separately.

      Again I filed a appeal in high court for divorce and in the same lower court i had filed another case for custody of child. Both are just progressing at a snails pace. In fact the high court appeal has not even come for hearing and custody of child case has come- but till now they are evading to register a reply too.

      Now it seems like nothing is going to finish and she simply doesnt want to live with me neither wants to leave me and drag the issue endlessly.

      How do I take it up from there.Im totally fed up with indian judicial system and its been 7 long years and i see no light . Kindly advice me.

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      Sounds like you need a smart lawyer not just a good lawyer.That’s all I can advice from my end after reading your above situation.Between, Don’t be impatient and get frustrated which will further damage your health and lifestyle. Yes, the judicial system is slow in India.No surprise!

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