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      Dear Sir,

      I have married my wife in 1995 Hindu Marriage Act.,after that we are living together up to 2005,and we have child 14 years old. I have married while she is not working. After marriage i have educated her MCA after the 6 years she got the job in MNC company with good salary. Sinece her brothers are not protecting their parents they encourage her all negative attitudes and given me lot of troubles seperated us 4 years back. I applied my rights and child custody,but she doesn’t want clike with me and told in lok adadlat. What is my right . I don’t want give divource because of my daughter’s furture. She is asking divource i hope she is trying for re-marriage. If he apply for divource what I have to do? my daughter’s life should not spoil.Pl.advice.

      Since my Lawyer not able to guide me I am seeking your guidance,since Act it will prevent if she apply for divorce.

      Thanks you sir,


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      You want her back or you just do not want to give divorce.

      You cann`t stop someone from seeking divorce. and you have right to child custody.

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