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      Hi Sir/madam,

      want to file divorce in karnatak as I am staying here and she is staying in telanagaa. in that case:

      1. can she ask for expenses? if so how to handle?
      2. can she transfer to her place? if so how to handle? there is ruling in SC recently seems , sc dismissed transfer
      3. or file in telenga ? which is better

      her borther cam n toook her ( mentioned same in thier petitin also ) due manutrion etc etc..

      she files DVC ( sec 12 & 23) and MC (125 crps) after 4 yr sepeartion jan 2016 in her city in different courts now it is 6+yrs not together. i filed counter for and also paying intermim maintainence in DVC ( awraded on july 2016)

      3)recently she filed counter seeking full arrears of interim maintaience. ? how to handle this

      4) with CRPC 468 can DV & MC can be dismissed due to time limitation of 1 year.. if so can request for dismission in same court ? and when to request?

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      1) Better file for divorce in her place, even better dont file for divorce, she can claim travel expenses as per her whims and wishes, and in the end if you are given divorce, she will be given alimony for being cruel to you

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      Hi Sir,

      Can you suggest on below:
      1) Counter filed for DV petition. Waiting for Chief to file from her. Seems she will file on next date Aug 31. it is in ADDL METRPOLITAN MAGISTRATE court
      2) is it useful to file ” dismissal of DV based on crpc468. ” now or take up this point in trial?
      3) if it is good idea to file then, in which court to file? Present court or district court or High court?
      4)And in DVC interim maintenance of 20k ( order came on jun 2016) ordered with out my notice and later NBW issued which got cancelled later. paying some amount ( so far paid 2 lakhs) for this


Viewing 2 reply threads
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